Archbishop Sentamu Academy is an 11-18 Church of England Academy, sponsored by the Diocese of York.  We were established in September 2008 on the site of our predecessor school, and moved into a superb, £35 million pound building in September 2011 as part of the Hull BSF programme.  We currently have around 1500 students on roll, but with our rapidly growing sixth form we anticipate our overall numbers to rise to around 1600 (with more capacity to grow in the future).


Our ethos is based on the principles “Aspire, Serve, Achieve”, which applies to students and staff alike. We aim to combine a striving for the highest standards of student outcomes with a caring, family environment. The “Archie Family” underpins all that we are, and we work hard at ensuring that our academy is a happy place for both staff and students.

Students are expected to wear a formal uniform correctly.  This is a major focus for us; students are checked several times daily to ensure compliance. As a body of staff, we model to students the behaviour we expect them to demonstrate.  This means we speak courteously to them at all times, we hold the door open for them, we pick up litter, and we queue with them. In return, we demand the highest levels of respect from all students.

Students are placed into a year-based tutor-group, and one of 5 houses.  Each house has a house-head, who has oversight of their students’ learning, and TAs, an HLTA, a Learning Mentor and a Student Liaison Officer (SLO) attached to it.  Each house is linked to a school on another continent, and there is a full programme of activities which enable students to find out about, and make contact with, their partner school.  The AVP with responsibility for the House system, and the house heads themselves, organise a series of competitions and events that encourage students to support each other and try out new activities.  The system is both highly competitive, and very popular, with both staff and students.

We have recently set up progress teams for each year group. These are formed to ensure that students make good progress across all their subjects and they intervene and monitor where required.  The Progress teams are led by a member of the Senior Leadership Team with a Director, Assistant Progress Leader and Learning Mentor comprising the whole team.

In August 2018, we achieved our greatest GCSE results ever, for the second year running. Our Sixth Form sustained its impressive 100% Pass Rate! (2017 & 2018)

“This will be more than just a school. Its students will come from the locality and be shown that what they can do for their neighbourhood is at least as important as what they can do for themselves. They will be taught that character matters more than celebrity. The academy’s ethos will be Christian: open to all and for the benefit of all”.

The Most Revd & Rt Hon Dr John Sentamu, The Archbishop of York
(William Wilberforce Memorial Lecture, 30 October 2007)