Administering Modbac

Administering Modbac
Streamlining ModBac administration
The collection of the outcomes of the components making up the ModBac will be achieved through a simple on-line system that will be automated as far as possible, using TLM’s cloud based technologies.  This will enable ModBac certificates to be authorised and printed directly from the internet without the need for time consuming processes or reliance on the postal system. Authentication of certificates will be immediate and free of charge directly from the web site or by scanning a QR code on the certificate using a Smartphone. Replacement certificates can be obtained simply by reprinting since authentication is directly to a secure database accessed through a web browser, removing the bureaucratic overhead and cost should a learner lose their certificate. There will also be the possibility of linking certificates directly to assessment criteria,  student e-portfolios or samples of their work.
For schools that want to take cloud based evidence gathering a step further, we have an on-line service for submission and management of coursework evidence with built in progress tracking and reporting. It is integrated with the certification technology and can replace or complement any existing VLE/e-portfolio system. It was developed directly with schools as part of the European Union Transfer of Innovation project of the Life Long Learning Programme with partners in UK, Germany, Bulgaria, Spain, Czech Republic, Romania and the Netherlands.  Using this collaborative technology will provide much of the evidence required for the “Using Collaborative Technologies” unit in the ITQ (The Sector Skills Council’s National Vocational Qualification for IT Users) which we can offer at a substantial discount to ModBac schools.
IT Qualifications for all Modbac Learners- ITQ: a cost effective solution
The cost of an ITQ varies between providers but it is typically between £15 and £20 to register a unit.  If the student fails to complete the work it still costs the school. For ModBac schools we will provide the ITQ for £6 a unit and we will only charge for students that successfully achieve the unit. Some schools are using the ITQ in feeder primary schools at Entry Level and in KS3 and KS4 at Level 1, Level 2 and 3.
In principle it is possible to get every student the national qualification for IT Users at an appropriate level no matter what age they are. The resulting economy of scale enables us to offer ModBac schools the option, for an additional annual subscription of typically £3000,  of unlimited ITQ units in their family of schools. This includes all the supporting technology which can replace existing VLEs/e-portfolios.
Gaining your recognised IT qualifications could actually save your school money simply from their IT licensing and support costs. ITQ will provide credit in the Honours section of the ModBac as well as being eligible as one of the optional subjects in the core. We will provide support for schools interested in using the ITQ as a focus for delivering high quality ICT across the curriculum to help raise points scores in all subjects.