Archbishop Sentamu Academy has a published admission number of 270 students for admissions to Year 7, the admission number of students for Year 8-11 are 240 per year group.


Students on roll of year end

Academic Year End 2014
Year 7114124238
Year 8146129275
Year 9128123251
Year 10119122241
Year 11128138266
Year 12373673
Year 13173451
Year 143912
Academic Year End 2015

Year 7130153283
Year 8110127237
Year 9140128268
Year 10121122243
Year 11105112217
Year 12274774
Year 13273158
Year 14111425


Academic Year End 2016

Year 7159141300
Year 8130152282
Year 9115124239
Year 10139122261
Year 11121122243
Year 12215172
Year 13193554
Year 1441115



Applications Year 6 to 7

Parents or Carers will need to apply for a secondary place within your child’s last year in primary school. The application must be submitted to the Local Authority, for more information please call the Local Authority on Tel: 01482 300 300 or


Year 7- Year 11

Parent/ Carer wishing to apply for a place at Archbishop Sentamu Academy will be required to complete the Academy’s admission request form or letter of interest, upon receipt a member of the admissions team will contact you accordingly to arrange a meeting to discuss further should a place be available.

To apply please download the our admission form.

More information and guidance can be found here:,184417&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL



If a place is unable to be offered at Archbishop Sentamu Academy, you will provided with the opportunity to a formal appeal by completing the Academy’s appeals form. Upon receipt your appeal will be coordinated by our external Appeals Coordinator and panel. All appeals should be heard by the external panel in 20 days.

For more information, please contact Miss Wilson at the academy.

All academies are bound by the same Schools Admission Code – the SEN Code of Practice and exclusions guidance – as that of other state-funded schools. For further details our latest Admissions Policy can be found on our Policies page, link below:

Policies page link