Starting with the end in sight – Sentamu Advance


Sentamu Advance is a new educational concept allowing students to progress rapidly to GCSE but also to attain the highest grades at GCSE. Building on our successful pilot with Y8 students who already have achieved excellent grades in GCSE English. They will have a more traditional curriculum offer based around English, Maths, Science, Technology/Engineering, Languages with increased curriculum time for Geography/Humanities. It is a programme that we plan to run throughout their education. There will be advance streams starting from 2013-2014 in Years 7,8,9 that will progress through KS4. Students may have the opportunity to sit their A-Levels early if they are ready to move into the 6th Form.

We expect Sentamu Advance to meet the needs of our most able students. Extra Curriculuar Activities and potential extended school days will add to their learning diet.