Time for the launch of Archie Online – an academy radio station broadcasting world wide

Time for the launch of Archie Online – an academy radio station broadcasting world wide
10th March 2013 admin

Archie Online is an Archbishop Sentamu Academy based project aimed at a varied audience across the community. The online radio station will go live for 5 days between 18th – 22nd March.

The project provides an opportunity for over one hundred Archbishop Sentamu Academy students to be involved in creative radio production. The project is managed by Cascade, a group of local artists and educators and results from a partnership between Cascade, Archbishop Sentamu Academy and Creative Voice.

Some of the sixth form students involved include, Sophie Rawlings, Kayleigh-Marie Shepherd, Alex Ketley, Stephen Appleyard, Lee Cass, Callum Welsh, Chloe Dance, Stevie Purvis, Matthew Marshall, Joe Butler, Jordan Rowan and Lewis Egan. These students are undertaking different roles such as producing, recording, presenting, researching and promotion of the project. The students involved will present various live programmes such as; The Daily Digestives, The Breakfast Show with Lee Cass and You Say-We Play, a daily music request show. Lee Cass describes his Breakfast Show as “an energised rock based morning show, hopefully with live lounge style acts by Hull musicians”.

How to get involved?

Audiences can listen to the radio station at www.sentamu.com/listenlive and email the station at info@cascadearts.org.uk. Listeners can also interact with the station via Archbishop Semtamu Academy’s Facebook and Twitter pages. As either a member of staff or student some of the ways you can influence your radio station or become involved is through presenting live programmes, producing short features, making jingles and providing news items about the school and the local area.

Anthony Bennett- Vice Principal

“Archie Online is a really exciting project for our students. The project is providing a real hands on experience for media students to get involved in. From writing, to producing, presenting and promotion the students are taking all control of the radio station and making it their own. We are throwing open our doors to the local community and sharing lots of aspects of academy life with everyone in the local area. This is a unique experience for us to really engage with local people, life and events. I’m so proud of our students for really seizing the opportunity that they have been presented with and taking it to the next level.”

Claire Taylor- Cascade

“Cascade are really happy to be here, supporting the students to manage their own radio station. There are some really talented students here, I am sure that they will take full advantage of reaching a wide audience, through Archie Online, especially in other countries.”

Marie Roberts- Teacher of Creative Media

“One of the great things about Archie Online Is that the students,- especially the sixth formers are engaged in a ‘real’ professional enterprise project. They get to use a range of media technology and work with professionals within the media industry. They are learning to work to strict deadlines and are taking complete control of everything from advertising to guest speakers.’

Lee Cass- student and presenter

“Archie Online is completely different for me. I hope it can entertain and refresh an audience, not just inform but engage rather than talk at. Archie Online is based in the community rather than on the community”



Claire Taylor, Cascade, Lowgate Centre, 76-78 Lowgate, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU1 1HP. www.cascadearts.org.uk info@cascadearts.org.uk Tel: 07817656807

Anthony Bennett, Vice Principal, Archbishop Sentamu Academy, 1 Bilton Grove, Hull ,HU9 5YB Tel: 01482 781912