Archie Under 13s Win City Girl’s Final

Archie Under 13s Win City Girl’s Final
29th April 2012 admin

ASA V Kelvin Hall.

Only 2 days into the new term, after the Easter break, we saw the U13’s in the Hull Schools Football final at Hull University. The girls have only been together this year and this was only their 3rd competitive match together as a team. They had put in some hard work at training and learnt a lot from previous games, but they still seemed a little nervous before kick off.

They had watched the U16’s game so they had put up with some bad weather conditions for an hour and a half before they started to play but fortunately for them the rain eased just as the whistle blew to start the game.

The start of the game was hectic with the ball moving rapidly from one end to the other; neither side able to hold onto the ball to make any impact. The Archie girls edged in front by passing the ball out wide for Paige Salter to run onto and proceed down the right wing towards the Kelvin goal, out running the Kelvin defenders she cut in and made an attempt on goal with a powerful shot which beat the keeper and ended in the back of the net, 1-0 Archie. Only a few minutes later though a lapse in the Archie defence saw Kelvin break through to pass across goal to an unmarked player who equalised. 1-1 at half time.

After a very intensive team talk by Mrs F on how to calm the play down and man mark the key Kelvin players the girls seemed to be in a more positive mood at the start of the second half; they played the ball about and tried to pick out the front players who worked tirelessly throughout the match. Their patience paid off and a great move between captain Sophie Arnold and Courtney Rushworth resulted in a nicely taken goal from Courtney to make it 2-1 Archie!

Supporters and parents encouraged from the sideline and cheered every pass and move but unfortunately Kelvin a good move from the centre of the park saw Kelvin Hall drive through from midfield and score a well-deserved 2nd, 2-2.

With only 10 minutes left on the clock it looked all set for penalties when Demi Watson collected the ball on the edge of the area, she moved through the Kelvin defence with ease and struck the ball perfectly towards goal and through the Kelvin keeper’s hands to produce what was to be the winning goal! 3-2 Archie.

The remaining minutes were the most nerve-racking with Archie defending solidly and Kelvin trying to break through solid play from Tiffany Gabriel Alix Lister, Paige Rogers and Chelsea Lill in defence and Courtney Rushworth, Chloe Cockerill, and Natalie wharam in midfield Archie held on until the final whistle for a well-fought and well-deserved win. WELL DONE GIRLS!!