Archie Visits Poland 2014

Archie Visits Poland 2014
1st April 2014 admin

This half term sees our 5th annual visit to Poland to visit Gimnazjum nr1 in Dąbrowa Górnicza. Dąbrowa Górnicza is located around an hour away from Krakow, Zakopane and Auschwitz. We have been linked with Gimnazjum nr1 for many years, we have close partnerships, have completed a number of collaborative projects and have seen many staff and student visits in both directions.


After arriving to the Hotel at 1:45am we all went to bed and got ready for a good night sleep.
Breakfast at 10pm and …

Alfie Wilkinson: We went to school and then, in the afternoon, we went bowling with some of the Polish students. We have just had pizza for tea. We have really had a good day.

Brandon Ledger: After having a good day at the school and then going bowling with some of our Polish friends, we are now currently at a local Pizza Place in the Shopping Centre having a nice Margherita which is banging. I have learned some polish words like Bužka which means kisses in Polish after asking most of the girls in the school for a Bužka. Maks got some of the girls’ numbers as they asked us to meet them in the shopping centre tomorrow. I can’t wait for tomorrow with the football game happening with Polish students. BUZZING!!! 😉

Zak foster – Today we went to visit the Polish school , it was very different on the way they learn with no interactive white board. We went for Macdonals and went shopping, then we went to get changed to go bowling. Afterwards we had a lovley gorgeous pizza, finally a bit of a walk before we go back to sleep.

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Today has been an amazing day. To begin with, we were all on time at school at 8am. Then this is what happened:

Alex Ledger:
Today we visited the school and took part in some of their lessons such as: German and physical education, and I have got a new nickname “KENNETH” as I apparently walk like him on Benidorm. We met a few Polish students and we exchanged names so we could add them on facebook. Then we went into an English classroom and did a quiz with some of the students who learn English. After that we went into a Polish lesson to learn a few phrases but we ended up getting taught loads.

Shola Elmi:
Today we arrived at the school at 8:00 am and I met my Polish partner and learned a bit of Polish accent. I went in 4 different lessons which were Polish, German, P.E and English. It was fun. The school is much more different to ours. I am glad I came here, it has been educational.

Alfie Wilkinson:
Today we went to the Polish School. We had a german lesson with the Polish kids followed by an English lesson. After that we had a game of football with Polish kids and then we went to the shopping centre. We are off to a bbq tonight with the Polish kids.

Ashley Parfitt:
Today we went to the school again. The first lesson we had was German and it was confusing. During the second lesson, English, we had a quiz. It was mixed teams with Polish and English students, my team lost. During our third lesson we had 45 mins to learn as much Polish as we could. I learned how to say my name, my hobby and my favourite game. Later on, we walked to the Pogoria lake (a massive lake) and had a bbq where I became really good mates with Susan. Zak was chatting up Susan and we had a sand fight.

Really nice day!!

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Jessica Mackenzie
Today we went to Auschwitz, to a concentration camp. It was very emotional seeing what it was like for people sent there during World War two. I cannot imagine how I’d feel if that had happened to me. You don’t realise what actually happened until you see everything there. In some of the showing rooms there was shoes and clothes that belonged to people who died there, in one room there was loads of hair that was shaved of peoples heads. It has been a long day so far but I’m glad I experienced what I did and I now have a better understanding of what the concentration camp is like.

Sophie Banks:
Today we went to a museum. It was called Auschwitz. It was a good place to experience about the World War. Soldiers used to beat up the prisoners (mainly Jews). The prison was surrounded buy sharp metal fences. If a prisoner wasn’t useful for work and was weak he or she would be sentenced to death. I now have a good understanding about the war.

Alex Ledger:
Today we visited Auschwitz which was a concentration camp in the second world war. I felt very weird as I enjoyed it but was upset at the same time. I am glad I have experienced it again as I came to Poland in 2012. At Auschwitz there were dead babies’ shoes and clothes; it was a very sad and emotional moment. Now we are on our way to Krakow.

Shola Elmi:
Today we arrived at the concentration camp early in the morning. When the woman (guide) took us for a tour, it made me realise that thousands of people faced an awful death just because of their religion. Then, we visited the other one, and went to the pond full of ashes. It was a lot of information for our education, when we learn about this at school.

Brandon Ledger:
Today I learned a lot about the history and sadness behind the terror of the extermination of people at the concentration camp of Auschwitz. It really moved me and I hope I come out a better person for this. We also visited the other camp which was as equally awfull as Auschwitz one. We are now on our way to Krakow which I hope I can get some shopping done and a decent bite to eat.

Today we went to Auschwitz. It was very sad because of the people who got killed there. It is just bad. The 2 tons of hair and the shoes is what nearly made me cry. Then, we went to Krakow and it was proper good. We bought a lot of things. There were a lot of horses there. There also was a massive shopping market. It was very cheap there. I really want to come back next year. After Krakow we went to Zakopane and had our tea. We cannot wait for the next day.

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Mr. Horta:
Well, today has been a great day (at least in terms of exercising). Our first morning in Zakopane and our lovely Polish friend (Jeremy) took us for a little walk (just 10 miles up the mountains (Tatra Mountains in the border with Slovenia). After a well deserved rest at the top, we had to go down on an even steeper slope. Obviously, me, being the nice person that I am, arrived the last one, as Ashley and myself helped little Jessica to go down the mountains as she was struggling a bit. Very soon after getting to the bottom, I was told Maks had lost his phone, so here you go again Jeremy and myself went up the mountain for a bit till miraculously we found it. How? Just decided to phone Maks phone from time to time trying to hear the sound but surprisingly, a man answered the phone (in Polish) and, although I am fluent in Polish, maybe not, I passed my phone to Jeremy and prayed Maks phone was not found at the top again. Luckily, just 200 yards up the mountain, two men were digging and they heard it. Well, as a little punishment I decided not to give Maks his phone till a bit later.
In the meantime, the rest of our expedition was having a look at the great stands full of local products.
So, if that was not exercise enough, as soon as we arrived to our guest house, we had an early tea and decided to have a football game. A couple of hours later, we went for a well deserved little bbq.
I have to say that I have never seen our students and staff trying to speak so much Polish as they have during these last few days. They are trying really hard,
although Miss Bąbas and Maks are struggling a bit. No need to mention how wonderfully we have been welcomed and treated by our Polish

Julie Allinson:
Our day in the mountains has been fantastic mainly due to the unexpected hot weather. The weather had been great in Dąnbrowa but this sun was unbelievable. If you could see Mr. Horta’s face you would know what I was talking about. Our trek up the mountains was steady as we took in the spectacular views. We are certainly kept fit on this visit. Once at the top, time to have a rest and a drink before taking the train back down. Unfortunately, Jeremy didnt have up to date information and the train didn’t start running until the next day. So we set off back down the other side of the mountain. Unfortunately, a few couldn’t keep their feet, including Shola who rebounded off a tree and Brandon and Alfie who didn’t look where they were going. Once at the bottom it was time to do my favourite past time of shopping. Bags, shoes, slippers, even fabric was added to my collection. As we were waiting for the bus back to the hotel, I checked my pedometer and so far this week we had walked 32 miles, and we havent finished yet.
The evening was rounded off with a bbq in a very large shed in someone’s back garden! Polish sausage and special polish tea. A good day in all.

Lidia Bąbas:
Everone say we have been very lucky having such a beautiful weather. We walked up to Gubalowka mountain from where we could admire a wonderful view on Tatra Mountains. Students have been fantastic, supporting each other and what suprised me the most, they can speak Polish. I really appreciate I had this opportunity to visit my country and I am very proud of our pupils to put so much effort to try polish food and speak my language.



Sophie Banks & Ashley Parfitt:
Today we went to a Poish student’s home. We built a fire by collecting fire wood from the forest. After that we roasted loads of meat and we ate most of it. Then we went inside and watched tv. I couldn’t really understand it because it was all in Polish but they changed the language. I helped Carolina peel the patatoes (Sophie) and we gave them to her mum to cook. We had pea soup for starter, dumpling soup for main course, and really nice ice cream for dessert. Later on, we went outside to play football and we also played volleyball. It was great. As soon as we were tired Carolina’s parents took us to a castle. It was really cool. We looked at the models of castles in the olden days and we went on a really long slide. I went on it 5 times (Sophie) and I nearly fell off (Ashley). We had a fabulous time.

Brandon Ledger:
9:00- I met my Polish host, she was called Zujia. She’s a very nice girl who could speak English almost fluently. After that we went to the Pogoria shopping centre were we met Shola, Jessica and Zak with there hosts. After meeting up Sujia told us that she was going shopping for only two minutes and very nicely brought me back a football which she signed and the other hosts also did.

10:00- We left the Pogoria and went to Sujia’s along with Zak’s and Jessica’s hosts. We sat in her bedroom which was proper nice and cuddy with her blanket which is cushty as!!! Her “mama” made us some food and drinks which nobody ate as we were full from the Mcdonalds we had at the Pogoria.

11:00- We left Sujia’s house and met up with Shola and Alfie along with their hosts. After that, we went to the park which was were we had the barbecue a couple of days ago. We had a quick game of football and basketball which lasted about 20 minutes.

1:00- After a quick game of football and basketball me and Sujia went back to her family for a meal which was mushroom soup which I did not like much, I did try it though. Second course was chicken and there was also mash but I didn’t touch that because it was right next to her dad’s arm so I didn’t dare because he was massive and his muscles were as big as my head.

3:00- After a “delicious” meal, we headed to Pogoria where we met up with Alfie, Zak, Jess, Alex and Max to go to the cinema. Luckily i didn’t have to spend that much money because Sujia paid it all for me.

5:00- After walking round the Pogoria, we went to the cinema which didn’t start till 5 . We went into the cinema, which was very good because it was in English. The film was called “Need for speed”, best film I’ve ever watched.

7:30- After the film had finished me, Zak and Jess went to Sujia’s along with there hosts. Her mum put some food on which was ham, cheese and bread. I made a ham sandwhich.

8:00- After arriving back to the hotel I got 3 “buzcas” of the other hosts, which I enjoyed!!

Alfie Wilkinson:
Today, Iwent to my Polish host, she was called Marta. She was a very nice girl. The first thing I did was to go to her house and we had some food with all the family. After that we went to the shopping center and we saw Brandon and Zak with their hosts. Then, we went to the same place we had the bbq and had football and basketball games. Then, we went to her house and had some tea. I did not like it very much but I still eat it all because I was being respectful. Then, we went to the cinema with Marta and she paid for everything, a massive box of popcorn and a large drink. We watched “Need for speed” which I had already seen but she wanted to see it and it was good. After the cinema, we went for some pancakes and nutella at her house and they were taking the mick out of me for the way I was eating them and then, after that, we came back to the hotel. I have had a very good day and I didn’t think I would have enjoyed it as much as i did.

Today at 9:00 the Polish students came to get us. I went to one of the student’s house for half an hour, then we went to see Alex and his partner. Then we went with Alex’s partner to laser house, it was really good. After laser house we went to Pogoria to walk around and went to the cinema. The film was good but I don’t remember what it was called. After the cinema I went to the student house for tea. We had fish pizza which was quite nice and then they took us to the hotel for 8:00. I think the day was great and it was one of the best days in Poland for us and the teachers beacuse they had a full day without us.

Shola Elmi:
Today I spent the day with Claudia. We went rock climbing and we had chicken and chips. We also took her dog out. It was a very sweet day, I don’t know how to describe it, it was just amazing, I like her very much and her parents were very nice. They welcomed me into their home. I am going to miss Claudia so much. 🙁

Today at 9:00am the polish students came with their parents and mine took me to their home, my polish friend was Nela. I am going to miss her. We have exchanged names for facebook and snapchat so we can keep in contact. Then we went to a laser house which is just like laser quest and after that we went to M1 (which is an even bigger shopping centre than Pogoria). It had Tk makks, I was very surprised. Then we had lunch at Pizza Hut. Then we went to Pogoria to go to the cinema and my friend Nela payed extra for it to be in English as she could speak English very well and is only 13, her mum is an English teacher at one of the schools nearby. Then I went to Nela’s for some supper. Nela’s mum and me got on very well. She wants me to stay in contact with her and Nela. The supper contained Polish sausages, lettuce, peas and vegetables. Then Nela, her mum and their little dog (Yorkshire terrier) travelled back to the hotel and I gave Claudia (another student) a present as she was one of the first students I talked to and she also give me a gift. I am going to miss Claudia loads and I’m going to be very sad tomorrow saying good bye to them all as it is our last day. My Poland experience has been fantastic as we have fit more things in and done better things than in 2012. By the way mum I’m already planning on moving here when I’m older.

Jessica Mackenzie & Zak Foster:
Today we went to the Polish students’ houses but first we went to Pogoria to have McDonalds. Then we all split up. We went with some girls who were very kind to us; they even bought us presents. Brandon and Sujia (his polish partner) came with us. We went to Sujia’s house and she had a really cute dog. I don’t know what type it was but I haven’t seen a dog like it before in England. Also her mum was really crazy. Then we went to the lake, it was really fun and I finally mastered the monkey bars! After that we went back to Pogoria and had more McDonalds (Zak wanted to). One of the girls dad picked us up and we went to her house. They gave us Polish food but we didn’t like it. Then we went to the cinema and came back to the hotel.
After all that I got a “buska” twice (Zak) as we were saying our goodbyes, as we are not going to see each other again. Mum, if they come through to England, can my person come to stay at our house even though she is a girl (Zak)

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  1. Miss Harvey 3 years ago

    It looks like you are having a fabulous time! Make lots of memories and enjoy every minute.

    Miss Harvey 🙂

  2. Miss Bowes 3 years ago

    This looks amazing. I am very jealous of you all. I am glad Brandon is having such a ‘banging’ time. I am sure he is looking forward to catching up on all his missed RE work on his return home!

  3. brian ledger 3 years ago

    Glad you’ve both got there ok and enjoying it.
    Brandon dont go breaking to many girl’s hearts.
    Alex make sure Brandon behaves!

    • brian ledger 3 years ago

      brandon can u please change your shirt
      youve had it on since sunday

    • Mr. Horta 3 years ago

      Brandon is behaving perfectly!

  4. SWARD 3 years ago

    Looks like you’re all having a great time already. Say hi to Jeremi for us. And don’t let Mr Horta eat too much xx

    • Mr. Horta 3 years ago

      Excuse me!! This lot are being great so far.

  5. Alex ledger 3 years ago

    Dad I am having a brilliant time
    And also he never takes his joggers of either

  6. Miss Lockyer 3 years ago

    I am so jealous you guys have been to Auschwitz.
    Love all the photos! Keep them coming!
    Miss. Lockyer

  7. Mrs Murphy 3 years ago

    Wow, this looks like you had a fabulous time! I’m impressed that you have been adventurous and tried the food and walked 52 miles! Well done, guys!

  8. Mrs Roberts 3 years ago

    Sounds like a great trip and an emotional one too. Important to realise the emotional aspect of it all and the human cost for millions of people – even if it is sad and difficult to experience too.

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