31st May 2012 admin

Today ASA celebrated the Queen’s Jubilee – ARCHIE STYLE!

The day started with a Union Jack themed non-uniform day! The proceeds of which are going towards sponsoring the poorest children in our link school (Freetown Secondary School for Girls) in Freetown, Sierra Leone, to go to school. Students arrived in clothing including the colours red, white and blue.

The Union Jack theme continued in the Agora, decorated with over 40 flags put together by tutor groups over the last few days.

The Agora hosted a British lunch, fit for a Queen! Students and staff ate a traditional British lunch of ‘Bangers and Mash’ or ‘Fish and Chips’. They also had the opportunity to try a not so historically traditional sandwich; the sandwiches were made from breadcakes in red or blue!

History though, was a theme throughout the rest of the day. Students in all classes had the opportunity each lesson to learn a little bit more about the Queen herself, as well as the Jubilee and the important cultural and historical events of the U.K, during Elizabeth II reign.

The students were photographed in the ambi-theatre to commemorate the day, the Jubilee and ASA first year in its new home. All students except Year 9 of course – the celebrations were matched with some good old British weather, which prevented us from going outside!


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