KS3 Art Curriculum

At KS3 we do the following:

The aim of the Year 7 KS3 Art curriculum is to introduce the students to the skills, knowledge and understand that they will need in order to succeed at GCSE Art, Craft & Design. Students will explore the basics of drawing through a range of practical activities and gain an understanding of the Formal Elements of Art by analysing and responding to a range of sources.

The aim of the Year 8 KS3 Art curriculum is to revisit the key skills that were covered during Year 7 and build upon them through a series of practical activities. Students will be given the opportunity to deepen their understanding of both the practical and theoretical aspects of Art.


KS3 Art curriculum is assessed in a similar way to the GCSE course. This allows the students to become familiar with key terms and a simple grid allows them to see how the level they achieve at KS3 would translate as GCSE grade.