ASA Visit to Poland 2011

ASA Visit to Poland 2011
3rd March 2012 admin

Annually ASA takes students to visit our link school in Poland – Our link school is in Dabrowa Gornicza, in the south of Poland. The school is called Gimnazjum Nr 1; it’s linked with Kirkham house and with Year 8 as part of Poland Focus Fortnight.

As part of the visit, students also visit Krakow, the Zakopane mountains and Auschwitz. October 2011 saw another successful visit by our Year 8 and 9 students!

We are currently asking for Years 8 and 9 to complete ‘Letters of Interest’ forms for Poland 2012.

Today we have, in short, travelled and seen Krakow. We set off from ‘Archie’ at 4am in the school minibus. We had a 1 hour 15 min journey to the airport before arriving in Leeds. We did our luggage etc and went to board the plane. Me and Molly were on the plane already when they told us there was a fuel leak. We had to get off and no one was allowed to board it. Eventually we reboarded an hour later and we landed in Poland 12pm – Polish time!

In Krakow we saw some things like stalls, Wawel Castle and the dragon. The dragon breathes fire! We went for food, Polish style kebabs.

We travelled for two hours to our lodge at Zakopane! We have just eaten! It was a good day!
From Paige adamson (8kbo), Molly Lockwood (9mbe), Mae Grainger (9lhi).

Today we started our first day if a brilliantly planned week for us in Poland. A complication with the plane led to almost a full hour of delay. When we finally flew it was around 8. We landed at 11am (GMT), so around 12 Polish time. After landing all we had to do was get our luggage and go through passport control.

When we got out of the airport, we were taken by minibus to Krakow city centre. We were given two hours to go around in pairs, but the majority of the time the whole group went around together.

Almost all of us had a kebab from a really nice lunch time restaurant. We also got a chance to see what he city had to hold in the way of shops and general aesthetics. It had an amazing town centre with lots of architecture, in a medieval square.

We then took the long bus ride to the old ski lodge!

From Josh Fletcher (9DC)

It was brilliant. Today we went to Zakopane and had a ball! The day started off by sightseeing; we saw some VERY strange modern art followed by ski jumping area (aka very high ground), which was amazing spectacular and brilliant view. I can’t describe the scary height if nothingness, which just bellowed over the seemingly small, from the top, village. It literally looms over it, like nothing I’ve seen with my eyes before! We took the chair lift up and down.

Next we drove down to the town centre to look around and have some lovely ‘din dins’. The food was McDonalds, though we have come to Poland for the food (just saying). It did fill us up until tea!

After tea we went to an indoor BBQ and bonfire, we cooked our own sausages and toast on an open fire. This day was amazing- can’t wait for the next!

Louis Carmichael (9LHi)

Don’t eat the fried smoked cheese! I had four bits, because I thought they were bitesize! Ms Reid threw hers away; I ate mine – all four of them! I felt pretty bad for the rest of the day!

P.s Well Done Kirkham- 1st place in the comp!

Mr Atkinson – Kirkham house

At Auschwitz there was one photo I found the most interesting. An old man with a walking stick. He was being ‘sorted’, he had just arrived at the camp. The Nazi officer in front of him pointed to the right. I thought he was going to have freedom. He wasn’t. The Nazi was a doctor- if he pointed to the left the man was fit to work. If he pointed to the right he wasn’t; he was sent to his death. This man was sent to his death because he was too old to work and within two hours of the photo been taken he would have been dead.

I learned loads if facts but it’s hard to talk about. The Polish Priest saved a man’s life. He was a hero to everybody. The man he saved survived Auschwitz. He died in the 90s.

Nobody will ever forget Auschwitz and what happened here.

Paige Adamson 8KBo

This is the 4th time I’ve visited Auschwitz and every time I learn something new.

For me one of the most important parts of the museum is the photographs of the people sent there in the first years. When you think of such a large number of people it is difficult to imagine individuals. This part of the museum reminds you of individuals: Brothers, sisters, wives, husbands, parents, grandparents, someone’s child. It was horrifying to see the date a person arrived and the date they died, many died within a few weeks or months of arrival.

Photographs weren’t taken after a few years. Too many people were been sent to this terrible place, too many people died. The Nazis couldn’t I’D the dead because they looked nothing like how they did when they arrived so they stopped taking photos.

Ms Holland

We visited Auschwitz 2 as the sun was setting. The sky was a mixture of oranges and reds; it looked ablaze and lit up the earth. A beautiful scene over a harrowing place. A place which has seen so much misery and so many extraordinary stories of human compassion and survival.

Ms Reid

Today we went to school and made new friends with the kids there. The names of those I was with were: Mariola Banasik, Sandra Krolicha and Smantha.

After school we went out in the town together. I ate carrot soup and loved it! I even learnt a little bit of Polish!

Matthew Cooper (9JMH)

Today we net and spent time with our Polish friends. I found out loads about my friends. They all like Japanese Rock music. Asha 1 likes drawing; Asha 2 computer games; Jacob likes football. Asha, who likes drawing did an amazing picture of me.

Their school was nice, good and big. It was ‘Teachers Day’ but really it was a celebration of everyone who works in schools. Normally they start school at 8 am and finish at 16.00 pm.

This afternoon we played the ‘City Game’. In teams we found the answers to the questions about he city. How many citizens there are? How many slides there are at Nemo? What sports take place at the sports centre? We had to work together to solve the questions, which were in English.

Jeremi was very good at doing the questions. He was very brainy to know all the answers to all the questions lol- haha!

I learnt too much today, my brain was hurting me haha! I really enjoyed today, it was amazing!!!

Paige Adamson (8KBo)

We found out about our Polish friends today. They are 14 and 15. We also found out about their school times – they finish at 4pm and start at 8am. We learnt a little Polish. We learned about their customs and manners, what they say before they eat. We know they like Japan and drawing. One of them drew a picture of me, Molly and Paige.

Mae Grainger (9LHi)
















































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