ASA visit to Poland 2012

ASA visit to Poland 2012
22nd October 2012 admin

As part of a joint the Comenious project with Gimnazjum nr 1 School in Dabrowa Poland, ASA students from years 8-10 are taking part in a 10 day visit to Poland. The visit will involve collaborative learning, communication and visits to important places and places of interest in Dabrowa, Zakopane, Krakow and surrounding areas. Students will also visit the Auschwitz – Birkenau camps, which is now a museum teaching visitors about the Holocaust and what happened at the camp during the Second World War.

BLOG 20th October 2012

Louis: Today was our first full day in Poland, it was great! Just to give one example of how great the day was, I will talk about the museum. It had some awesome exhibitions in it and one of them was a room full of fossils and information about how they are formed. After a long but eventful walk around the exiting museum, we decided to take a ‘ten’ minute walk to get some dinner!

Scott: After we found somewhere to eat we managed to order our Big Macs and Mcflurrys (traditional Polish food) in Polish. We were very surprised at how cheap everything was. After dinner we went for a very long and tiring walk to the ‘nearby’ lake. When we arrived we were astonished to see the size of the lake. It looked more like the channel. After some very skillful first aid, we set off back to the hotel for the night.

Mia: On the way back we stopped off at a supermarket to get something to eat because we had missed the time people usually have their main meal. So after we got something from the shop we got back on track to the hotel. I enjoyed the Polish museum because it was full of interesting facts about the history of Poland and the people from there. I liked looking at the continental dolls,dressed in pretty dresses.

Leah: I had to give Paige a piggy back to the hotel because she hurt her ankle. When we got back to the hotel we got changed and enjoyed the free wi-fi!

BLOG SUNDAY 21st October

Alex: Today we went to an outside museum, it was so cool! We have seen some olden day houses and we fed some horses, I think they were really hungry because they ate 5 apples each! Also, the old beds and antiques we saw were so brilliant. Then we went to go and get an ice cream, they were only 5 zloty each. Barry dropped his on the floor and it looked dirty so he couldn’t eat it! After this we got lunch and it was a sausage with ketchup and onion bread. I didn’t like it, nearly everybody else ate it though.

Jack: The dinner was very nice and the waffle was extravagant!

Paige & Shannon: Today we went out for a nice day at the Open-Air Museum. We experienced how in the past, what peoples lives were like and how children’s lives were. Some students bought some homemade honey. After the experience of the past, we went went for a nice walk to the outstanding park. Our tummies were rumbling so we bought a gorgeous sausage, then for tea we had at least a 24 inch pizza, which filled about 10 people yum yum 🙂

BLOG Monday 22nd October

Paige: Today was such an experience because we went to learn about Dabrowa Gornicza and the World of Oaks, also we went to a fantastic school and learn so much about astronomy. When we went to the Town Hall and learned about Poland coming from the World of Oaks. I found out that it was a friendly environment to live in. At the school we learned about the person who inspired many people to investigate in astronomy. The most fascinating moment was when the teacher showed us the magnificent telescope and told us “the last sighting was Venus moving around the sun”.

Natalie: Today was a very interesting day because we went to both the city hall and the school, where we learned about astronomy. In the city centre, we learned about the world of oaks, and how Poland is a really family friendly place. At the school we went to the top where a small observatory is placed, there we saw some of the Sun’s spots.

Shannon: Today was the best day I have had so far. We went to the town hall and learned about all the town “Dabrowa Gornicza” and we learnt about all of the new things they are planning to build, which will be fun for kids and more eco-friendly. Afterwards we went to the city shopping centre and pigged out on lots of McDonalds and KFC. Also went on a shopping spree for just over 2 hours with Miss Edwards!

BLOG Tuesday 23rd October

Jack: We got up at 7:30 am and had breakfast at 8:00 am and were out of the hotel for 9:30 am for a 2 hour drive to Krakow. Krakow is where the England team stayed during the Euros and was the capital of Poland many years ago. We went for a walk into the city centre and on the way there, we saw a statue of a fire breathing dragon, that was so cool! As we ventured into the city centre we went into this big church like building that had a massive market inside and we bought souvenirs for our families and friends.

Leah: After we bought the souvenirs we went for something to eat for an hour at this kebab shop and it was very nice. After that we went for another half hour walk and then went back to the mini bus to go to the mountains and we had a sing along in the mini bus, it was mainly to cheer us up from a long walk in Krakow. When we got there, we went straight for our tea and after tea we went in the entertainment room to play table tennis. We then put make up on Louis Carmichael, and Alex Ledger put make-up on Natalie Davison.

BLOG Wednesday 24th October

Alex: Today we went for a walk up the mountains. the cable cars were not working so we had to walk all the way up. Me, Shannon and Mia were the first people. After a lot of shortcuts we went back down again and I was the first one down with barry. Next we got back on the bus and went up another mountain and went to a few shops. I got myself a New York Yankee hat and got my brother some things and got my mam something.

Then we got on a cable train (I think that’s what they are called!) at the top we wanted to go on a tobogan down the mountain but we were not allowed because of the risk assessment. Then we went in an upside down house and the gravity was so strong me and grandma (Miss Edwards) had to go out. Plus I felt quite ill so it got to me far quicker than everyone else.

Finally, we went to a wooden hut and cooked some sausages on a bonfire. They were delicious and had a very nice smokey taste from the fire. After some great lightshow photos we headed back to the hotel. Mr Horta, Mr Knowles, Geremi and Scott Baker were playing table tennis for a few hours and Scott took a smash straight between the eyes from Mr Knowles.

Natalie: Today, we was walking in the mountains, since the cable cars were not working. On the way down Leah some how got lost even though it was one way. We then went on a train higher into the mountains and had a look around some shops. Later at night we went to a hut and cooked our own sausages. To me the fire was the best part.

BLOG Thursday 25th October

Barry: Today we went to the thermal baths. The thermal baths were brilliant! There were two slides a red one which was really steep and the other was yellow and that was realy twisty. The water there was really warm in the outside pools but in the inside pools it was at the normal temperature.

We then went back to the hotel in the mountains to get our luggage.

Jack: on the way back from the mountains it took forever and we stopped of at mcdonalds and there was this crazy guy dancing infront of us whilst eaten our mcaddies and he kept following us in the mini bus but we eventually got away from him.

BLOG Friday 26th October

Jack: I think that Auschwitz was very interesting and a bit upsetting but I liked the gas chamber and I learnt why the German’s had to destroy the gas chambers in Auschwitz 2.

Louis: The day started off with a fresh trip to the school. (fresh meaning it was freezing) We met some new friends and also I got to meet some old friends! After that we took a bus journey down to Auschwitz which was as exiting as when I went last year. I really enjoyed the full day!

Scott: Today I learnt that Auschwitz was split into three parts. We had a tour of the two parts that remain today. Auschwitz 1 which acted mainly as a concentration camp for the Polish people and Auschwitz 2 which was the biggest death camp in the world. Within that camp 1,500,000 people of multiple races lost their lives.

Barry: I liked today because we visited the school and i met some students

Leah: today we went to auschwitz which was interesting because it opened my eyes to how we are very fortunate with the peace in which we live in nowadays . We aslo went to the school today we talked to polish students at the school and saw many differences betweeen us and people from poland with how they live and speak . Later on we went for a meal for louis and mia’s birthday,we had pizza and ice cream .

Natalie: Today was a fun but a life changing day. When we went to the school we learned about each others daily life. Then in Auschwitz I felt a weird felling of both relief and saddness. I’m so thankful that everything has been resolved and that we haven’t had a world war three.

Shannon: Today in the shopping centre we had pizza for tea,and while eating a McFlurry from McDonalds we started talking to some Polish “chavs” making a complete idiot of myself trying to speak Polish,only to find out they spoke English!

Mia: Today we went to a polish school and met some polish students. After this we went to Auschwitz to see where it was that 1000’s of people died. After this we went to the ‘pogoria’ to go to set something to eat for mine and louis’ birthday.

BLOG Saturday 28th October

Paige: This years trip to Poland as been outstanding. I have learnt so much, the experience has been fasinating. There was not a single part of the trip which i didnt like eveything was just brilliant even the food. Learnt everything from the word ‘hello’ in polish to the life and experiances of Auschwitz on how the Nazi’s tried to destroy the Jews and other cultures. Knowledge of Auschwitz should be passed down through generation to genration and it should never be forgotten. I think the saying for Auschwitz should be ‘they should never be forgotten’. When we went to Zakopane in the mountains its was just fab, even though it was cold and foggy you could still see the terriffic artifacts, culture and nature of Zakopane. I would recommend Poland as a trip to anyone.

Louis: I have thouroughly enjoyed our school’s visit to our link school in Dabrowa Gorniczha in Poland. We have all expressed our interest in Polish language, tryed and tested new foods and also met new people. We have travelled back in time to Auschwitz to learn about the history of how the Nazis in the 1940’s tryed to exterminate the Jews and other people of different backgrounds. This was very interesting to learn about. Finally, the Zakapane mountains were cold but amazing, simply for the views, but as well as this, the hotel which we stayed in was extremely warm welcoming! I have really loved this week just as my friends have!

Jack: The trip to Poland this year was inspiring and was very interesting. The intresting part was trying to speak Polish and trying Polish food. And the inspiring part is not to judge other countries, their languages and flavourful food until you have tried all of it.

Scott: I think that the trip to Poland has been amazing. I have enjoyed everyday from the moment we landed at Katowice airport. I found the visit to Auschwitz camp very informative and would reccomend anyone who can go to do so. It was an experience of a lifetime that I will never forget. I also really enjoyed the time we spent in the Zakapane mountains. We battled through the cold weather and were rewarded with some of the best views I have ever seen.

Natalie: Poland has been a great experience for me. There have been fun, happy, exciting and even sad times. This trip has really opened my eyes about other cultures. Yes, you can read about it but, you obviously actually start to understand once you have experienced it. I have even met new friends on this trip and all my memories won’t easily be forgotten. This trip is something that everyone should at least try once in their lifetime.

Barry: The thing I liked the most about this holiday was the school because I got to meet new friends.

Shannon: The best bits of the Poland trip were the market places in all different towns. I also liked the Zakopani Mountains where we went to the Thermal baths and on the night we had a bonfire party and cooked sausages and bread around the bonfire. I enjoyed meeting lots of Polish students at the school and have added most of them on Facebook!

Mia: The best bits of the poland trip was when we went to the ‘pogoria’ to go shopping! Another good part of the trip was when we went to Auschwitz and saw the gas chambers. There were lots of good things about the trip but they are just a few.

Alex: This years trip to Poland was blilliant as we took a long drive up to zakopane and I also liked buying some presents for my family and friends. Aswell as this I felt good with myself after giving a homeless man 5 zloty and a bag of skittles (shannon gave him the skittles) whilst he was raking through the bins. When we were in the mountains I liked grooming the dog (abit like Beethoven) he was called Buchca and was so cute.I liked Krakow because we went to the market and bought presents in the big shopping centre was great, it was called pogoria and was massive! I bought more presents before we went to a pizza place for Mia and Louis’s birthday and I asked for some tap water and she took me outside the pizza place and into the cinemas next door. She took me to the toilet in to the girls and dragged me back out into another toilet next door! She said ‘here you go’. I didnt even want to go to toilet I only asked for some water!


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    It looks great, sounds like everyone is enjoying Poland.
    Keep up the good work Mr H

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    I’m very jealous that I’m not there! Looks like you’re all having a fantastic time! Say ‘Hi’ to everyone for me and keep blogging to update us on all you’re doing! Miss Ward x

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    Hi it’s Barry’s mum here hope u all having a great time! We missing u loads, bobbie Mae missing her big brother and dad said answer ur phone! See u soon xx

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    Miss Saxby

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    lots of love, Darren and Graham

    P.s. there will be a special “gift” for you upon your return.

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      That last photograph is magical Kev, I hope you will be on hand uto photograph myself and the winning fish in this years Daiwa Open.

      Seriously though, I have really enjoyed looking and reading about all your adventures.

      Well done everyone.

      Graham x

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      Kev is teaching all the students to use his amazing camera!! They are all professional now!!! All the kids are doing really well!!

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    Hello Mia! It all looks fab! Have a fantastic time, love Grandad, Gran, Laura, Becky and Mum xxxxx

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    There’s been a heat wave whilst you’ve been away and we have been sunbathing instead of learning. Hope you all have a great time and look forward to hearing of your adventure when you all get back.

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    PS: Mr Knowles don’t forget my present, I have a special one for you!

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    You all look like your having a fab time x photos are great. Missing u loads Paige love u enjoy the rest of ya hols x wish was there looks lovely x

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    Enjoy your last 2 nights and days everyone! It looks like you’ve had some fantastic experiences! Hope Louis and Mia have had a great birthday – what a way to spend it! Give my love to Jeremi and Alicija! X

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    Hello mam,im having a great time,cant wait to get back and give you all your presents,love you all see you all soon xxxx

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    Miss you mum and grandma and grandad i have been really ill for 2 days but cant wait to come home amd see you hate it when i am ill and you are both not there for me. Got mum,grandma and grandad present today hope you like them love you all the world foot still in pain but can still carry on and not give up love you xxxxxxxxx

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    Hiya carnt wait to get home missing you all going to miss all the students from the school im addingnthemnon facebook and going to miss jerrimi and alicija

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    A Massive Massive thankyou to Miss Edwards, Mr Knowles and Mr Horta for looking after my Shannon and all the other kids and making sure they all had a brilliant time, you have given them an experience they will never forget, Thankyou again to all 3 of you, you are little gems xxx

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