Blood Brothers at Hull New Theatre

Blood Brothers at Hull New Theatre
19th September 2015 admin

On Tuesday 15th September students from Archbishop Sentamu Academy had the opportunity to showcase Blood Brothers at the Hull New Theatre. The students had the exclusive chance to perform Will Russell’s gritty play on the big stage following permission being granted by the playwright himself. The staff and students involved showcased a breathtaking performance which was appreciated by a crowd of over 600. This included journalist, broadcaster, cultural commentator and author Rosie Millard who is the Chair of the charitable trust that will run Hull: UK City of Culture 2017. Following the performance Rosie expressed her delight at the performance on Twitter saying “Congratulations to Archie for a brilliant and inspiring production at the New Theatre in Hull. Utterly wonderful.”

Pastor Mo Timbo, Senior Pastor of Potters House Church in Hull, also tweeted his approval “Well done to the students of Sentamu Academy excellent performance #smashedit”

The academy also received positive feedback from many guests including Helen Watson who said “We had the pleasure of being invited to the New Theatre on 15-09-15 to see your students’ performance of Blood Brothers.   They gave an astounding performance, which could rival the tour.  We hope that you are proud of their achievement and reward them accordingly.

Thank you for supporting them in opening it up to the general public and I hope that you can keep us informed of any future performances.”

The performance has been the talk of the academy all week. Well done to everyone involved, you did yourselves, your families and friends and us proud!