Career Academy

Archbishop Sentamu Academy are an affiliate of Career Ready. We decided to take this approach with the Business Studies course as we felt is was a fantastic opportunity for our students. By working with businesses to develop the students knowledge and experiences has allowed them to bring their learning to life and make it relevant.

Career Ready is committed to raising the aspirations of young people. They do this by linking education and business.

Partners in Business (PIB)

Young people have access to Partners in Business (PIB). This is an essential part of the programme as the PIB provides one-to-one support with coursework, employment skills, knowledge of work etiquette and helping young people apply their learning to real examples. In addition to this students will get the opportunity to widen their network of business contacts for the future.


The ‘jewel in the crown’ of the Career Ready model is the internship, which takes place towards the end of the first year. Internships are neither the traditional ‘work experience’ offered to 15 and 16-year-olds, nor mini versions of undergraduate schemes. Career Ready students (16 to 19-year-olds) may have had less opportunity to develop workplace skills and are likely to need more support and training. Yet – with a year’s sixth form study under their belt – they can make a real contribution to the host organisation. Employers report that working with Career Ready interns can enhance the development and boost the morale of existing staff; broaden approaches to employee diversity; and help them identify talent for the future.

Employers hosting Career Ready interns provide

– staff time – a main contact and an overall supervisor per student (could be same person); plus a mentor/buddy in each department that the student works

– a job description and list of skill requirements for the internship

– a programme for each internship, based on a standard working hour week in a real operating environment and aiming to use the skills and knowledge the student has learned in school/college

– an interview. Normally there is one candidate for each placement, but we believe that it is important that the student undertakes a formal interview

– a suitable induction for the student on starting work.

Visits and seminars

Visits and seminars are another important element of the programme. By visiting businesses students can bring theory to life and gain experience of being in the workplace.

Guru Lectures

These are an important part of the course and is where businesses provide knowledge about a particular area of study the students are working on. Guru lecturers often come in to the Academy and deliver presentations or workshops to the students and is often a basis for their assignments.

Further information regarding Career Ready

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