China Student Visit 2013!

China Student Visit 2013!
22nd March 2013 admin

Tuesday 12th March
Final preparations are underway today for this year’s KS4 Visit to Beijing! The trip leaves from the Academy at 7:30 on Friday morning and we cannot wait!

Friday 15th/ Saturday 16th

Mr. Horta.

After a quite pleasant flight we arrived in Bejing at 9:20am and…

Molly Cattle.

I really enjoyed coming to the hotel after we came off the plane, people in china are really friendly and I also enjoyed meeting Maria and talking to her. We visited the Forbidden City and I really enjoyed myself walking around and looking at the history of it. It was also my first time flying and going abroad and I was scared on the first plane, especially when it took off, but when we boarded the bigger plane in Amsterdam, it didn’t really bother me at all. It was an experience I’ll never forget.

Andy Thompson

It’s only been the first day and I already think China is the best place to visit for a lot of things. It was a long flight but the accommodation on the plane was amazing, the staff were really helpful and I had fun the whole journey there. We visited the forbidden city and I loved seeing the building and the statues there. The culture of China is unbelievable and I’d recommend it to anybody.

Joshua Fletcher

The idea of treating foreigners well in China is completely different to that of the UK. Chinese culture is a refreshing experience and all of the aspects of a Chinese way of life feels completely different. My favourite part of the experience so far is tasting the new foods, although I did not enjoy all of them, it was interesting to experience real Chinese food. It has been a really enjoyable experience so far and I am looking forward to what happens during the coming week.

Sunday 17th

Charley Hornshaw

What I enjoyed about today was going to the Summer Palace and having a look around it.
We also got to see the stone boat and have a look in some shops and got some things we want.
After we had been there, we went to the train station and caught a bullet train to Xi ‘an. It took 4 hours to get there but all together it was a really good day.

Jordan Collinson

Today we have been to the Summer Palace and caught the train afterwards to Xi’an. When we got there we had our own personal tour guide and went to the most European restaurant of the whole trip! They even served chips.
Not only was the food great, we also got to go shopping for a hour or two in the local streets brimming with culture and lifestyle.

Connor Clark

I’m so lost with dates and days but today we set off from our hotel to the Summer Palace which was still brilliant even for the third time. After the Summer Palace we got the four hour bullet train to Xi’an. As soon as we got off the train we had a tour guide that told us all about the history of Xi’an. After the tour had finished we went to eat and actually had chips in a Chinese restaurant. At the end of the day we went shopping and went back to the hotel after the first stall because we’d already taken too long.

Xi'an City Wall Bike Ride 13.8KM

Monday 18th

Louis Carmichael

Today was our second and last day in Xian, but like all the others was brilliant! We went to the Terra Cotta army an hour outside of Xian and it was absolutly massive, there are three main pits filled with unearthed Warriors from the Qin dynasty. Later on in the day we visited a hotel in Xian and ate beautiful food which filled us up ready for our trip back to Beijing. (More awesome days to come)!

Matthew Peart

Today we went to the Terra Cotta Army, we saw three pits with the warriors in it. The hotel we stayed in was in Xi’an, it was very smart and spacious . After the Terra Cotta Warriors we went and bought some souveniers from the shop, we haggled the price and got it cheaper. I bought little Terra Cotta Warriors. Some people bought a book and queued to get an autograph from farmer Yang. I’m looking forward to tomorrow when we go to the Great Wall of China.

Callum Roper

Today, we went to see the Terra Cota Army at Xi’an. We visited the three pits of the soldiers and they where very interesting. All the soldiers have got different ways of being presented eg: hair line, suits, build and height. After all this, we went to the souvenier shop, next to the museum, and haggled the price down to buy some little Terra Cota warriors. The starting price was 150 Yuan and I haggeled them down to 40 Yuan. These past two days have been great and I’m really looking forward to tomorrow to see the Great Wall of China.

Scott Baker

We spent today continuing our tour of Xi’an. After we had returned from the Terra Cotta Army museum we went for a bike ride along the old city wall. This was going very well untill we found that me and Matty were going on a tandem! After a slow start we powered on to catch up to the rest of the group. It was at this point that Matty’s shoe fell off and we realised that our brakes didn’t work. We finally finished our lap (last place) of the wall after stopping for water and crashing into a very nice little tea house!

Outside the Museum

Mr Yang Xinman, the guy who found the TWs signing books

Tuesday 19th

Lewis Thompson

Today we woke up on the train rushing to get ready as we were arriving at Beijing train station. We then caught the coach back to the hotel, we got ready and set out to the Great Wall. When we got there it was snowing and we nearly fell over a couple of times. After our visit to the Great Wall, we headed towards the silk market, where, at first, I struggled haggling, but after a while I got the hang of it and did it for myself buying lots of items.

Sean Boddy

Today we went to the Great Wall of China. When we got there it was snowing and it made it harder to climb it. During the time on the Great Wall I took lots of photos and slipped once. After that, we headed to the silk market where I bought loads of things. Then, when we left there, we got the tube back. We got split up into three groups so it took longer to get back but it was still quick.

Danny Lockwood

Today we woke up on the train that had taken us over night from Xi’an to Beijing. Thinking Beijing was as hot as the day before in Xi’an, we wore very light clothing. The further we got to the Great Wall we realised it was a bad idea as it was snowing a blizzard, but me and Cadom were fine buying a hat that was big and fluffy. Then, we went to the silk market. Haggling was great but my highlight was getting a model made of myself even though I had a huge nose.

Molly Lockwood

We woke up this morning on the train that had taken us 11 hours from Xi’an to Beijing. After that, we went straight back to the hotel as everyone was in desperate need of a shower and change of clothes because we had to sleep in our clothes as well as walk around in them the day before. After we’d all freshened up we went to The Great Wall of China. It was snowing a blizzard which made the steep steps harder to climb but it was worth it in the end. Then we went to the silk market for four hours and everyone just basically spent all their money.

Wednesday 20th

Cadom Barker

What I enjoyed the most from school today was the kung fu lesson which taught me some self defence techniques. I also enjoyed the art lesson because I got to know some very nice Chinese students who were exceptionally good at art. The school dinners were surprisingly good because other students who went with me said they weren’t very good last time they came.

Matthew Peart

What I enjoyed the most from school today was the kung fu lesson which was very interesting and fun. I enjoyed all of the lessons because they included us as if we were usually in their class.

Molly Lockwood

What I enjoyed the most from school today was taking part in the kung fu lesson. It was a laugh and different to what we usually do in our P.E lesson. The lessons were interesting because we expected them to be a lot different from ours but they’re not.

Danny Lockwood

What I enjoyed the most today was the welcoming of the students, giving and receiving gifts, asking us for emails, our details and photos. The kung fu in the P.E lesson, learning basics of kung fu as well as some skilled moves and defences that will be later practiced on my sister, was really good.

Sean Boddy

What I enjoyed the most today was the kung fu lesson because it was a laugh and we got to learn some moves. It was also good when the kung fu teacher was demonstrating on people.

Lewis Thompsom

What I enjoyed the most from the school today was the P.E because we all got the chance to learn a little of kung fu and also teaching the Chinese students some English and them teaching us Chinese. It was hard as some of the students there do not speak much English at all but was a good chance to communicate.

Louis Carmichael:

What I enjoyed the most from the school today was that we all got the chance to participate in the lessons (from Chinese to P.E) and if we wanted, could try to use our Chinese to communicate with the students. The lessons were made fun to be in and all helped us to see how lessons in the school work. I definitely did enjoy being in the xue xiao, Dacheng.

Scott Baker:

What I enjoyed the most from the school today was the Kung Fu lesson. We got taught some of the very basic moves and can now perform them reasonably well.

Callum Roper

When we arrived at the school in Beijing today, the welcome was brilliant. But the thing I mostly enjoyed today was seeing how the Chinese students learn differently to us. We learned kung fu in a P.E lesson today and that was brilliant, wish we had more days in China.

Molly Cattle

What I enjoyed the most about the school today was interacting with the pupils, getting to see the way they learn and communicate with each other.

Charley Hornshaw

What I enjoyed the most from the school today was when we did the kung fu lesson outside. It was a bit cold but soon warmed up after doing a bit of kung fu.
First the teacher showed us some kung fu manners before we actually started the kung fu lesson but when we was getting showed how to do the kung fu it was really good fun and everyone enjoyed it.

Jordan Collinson

What I enjoyed the most from school today was Mr.Horta’s presentation that covered all the main aspects of our school; that elaborated to the other school students and staff at Da Cheng school, the differences and similarities in contrast to ASA. Although I had to get up and speak Chinese to a full room of students and staff which was really nerve racking.

Andrew Thompsom

I really enjoyed visiting the school today because it was a great experience and it showed us the difference between our school in the UK and their school in Beijing. I also met lots of Chinese students there who were really nice t me and showed me around the school, they even gave me their e-mails so we could be friends and keep in touch when we go home.

Thursday 21st

Mr. Horta

Sadly, another successful educational trip to Beijing comes to an end. Students have been great. They have enjoyed every single moment of the trip: Forbidden City, Summer Palace, China Wall, trip to Xi’an and even the two days school visit. I can say very proudly how good they were at school in the last two days. Every single one of them have participated in lots of different lessons and communicated with students from Dacheng school. Quite a lot of them have made new friends and exchange emails. In terms of food, I could not believe how much they have tried when we have been to Chinese restaurants. Hopefully some more students will be lucky enough to enjoy this wonderful experience in the near future.

Miss Goodwin

I would like to start by saying a massive thank you to all the students on the trip. They have been AMAZING and have made this experience so special. Even though we have had very long days, with lots of walking and rushing about, everybody has pulled together and cheered each other up. There have been many highlights to this trip, the Terracota Army and the bike ride along the Xi’an old city walls were the most memorable. All students have tried every imaginable food offered to them and even those that most people wouldn’t touch for a million pounds! We have all made new friends and have memories that will last a life time.

Mr. Pardoe

I have to start by saying how fantastic the students have been – they threw themselves into Chinese culture and did our school, and country, proud. I was really impressed by their attitude, their manners and their humour.

As for the trip it has been an amazing experience, but my highlight of the trip was visiting our Chinese partner school. I had a great time teaching, interacting with the Chinese students and learning from the Chinese teachers. I also enjoyed taking part in the morning exercises and, despite my lack of skill, playing football with the students at lunch time. For the record, our students beat the Chinese students 2-0!










  1. SWARD 4 years ago

    Looks like you’re having a FAB time!
    I’m very jealous!
    Enjoy and keep us updated. x

  2. Miss Harvey 4 years ago

    Looks amazing! Hope you’re all having a good time.

  3. Miss Foster 4 years ago

    Have fun guys! It makes me smile listening about your visits because I know how magical it is there! Remember to cherish every moment. I can’t wait to visit again. Enjoy Xian. I have pictures of the Terra-Cotta Warriors in my home but have never seen them for real- you are so lucky!

    Take care!

    Miss. Foster.

  4. Qingmei Sun 4 years ago

    Seems it is not so cold in Beijing now. Have fun, Guys!

    • Mr. Horta 4 years ago

      Not a chance!!

  5. Miss O'Sullivan 4 years ago

    Hope you are all having a fabulous time – I am incredibly jealous!
    Have fun and bring back lots of stories.


  6. Mrs. Kirby 4 years ago

    Looks like you’re having a great time, enjoy the experience.

  7. Gillian Baker 4 years ago

    Looks like you all having great time.

  8. SWARD 4 years ago

    There are A LOT of photos of Mr Horta here! Is he scared we will forget what he looks like? haha!
    Great pics and blog, keep them coming!

  9. lisa 4 years ago

    Looks like you are all avin a great time!

  10. Ann Peart 4 years ago

    Looks like your having a great time, the photos are fab enjoy the rest of your time xx

  11. mrs thompson 4 years ago

    great to know you all having a great time,
    see you soon

    andys mum

  12. lisa barker 4 years ago

    Looks like ur avin a great time. X

  13. Carole. Carmichael 4 years ago

    Glad you are enjoying your experience. The terra cotta warriors look amazing can’t wait to hear all about it and see all the pics!!!!
    Take care and have fun xxx

  14. Maria Gill 4 years ago

    Wow! I am looking with such pride at all of the wonderful students on this amazing trip – I have no doubt I am about to embarrass Charley, Matthew, Callum, Sean, Scott and Conner whom I taught at Southcoates Nursery – many years ago – what wonderful young people you have become, you make me very proud, well done and what a credit to your parents and school, keep up the good work . Of course I must mention Louis too as I work with his Mum and know he is a star x Be careful and enjoy every minute – Maria Gill

  15. Alex Ledger 4 years ago

    hope your having a good time mr pardoe you look so funny in the chinese costume and im very jealous good luck

  16. Mrs Campbell 4 years ago

    Such a wonderful experience for you all. I hope you all get home safe, looking forward to hearing all about it. Mrs Campbell x

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