Chinese students and teachers visit ASA July ’13

Chinese students and teachers visit ASA July ’13
15th July 2013 admin

This week we welcome 18 students and 20 teachers from our links schools across Beijing. The annual visit is always very successful and sees students and staff from all schools, making connections and learning more about another culture and education system.

The visit is taking place between July 14th and July 19th.

July 15th 2013
Students and staff arrived at ASA at 8:30am. They experienced a practical Science lesson, with some amazing demonstrations before heading off to P.E to learn a new game taught to them by Archie students – rounders. After lunch, students will have a Chinese collaboration lesson with Archie students learning from their Chinese peers. Finally, they will join the African drumming after school club before heading off to the seaside. They will have traditional fish and chips for tea before heading back to their hotel for a well earned rest!

The teachers, unfortunately, don’t have as much fun as the students. They are taking part in the TEEP teacher training programme, before attending workshops on behaviour management and school assessment. They did however have the opportunity to meet our Chair of Governers, Bishop Richard Frith.


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