It is a great privilege to be the Archbishop Sentamu Academy Chaplain. I love working with our students, staff, families and the wider community. Working closely with a team of people, most particularly the Eden Team, we seek to ensure that the Academy values of Trust, Love And Community are lived out, and that every student knows they are valued and loved by God through all we do.

Planning, resourcing and leadership of Collective Worship are central to my role, as we provide space for engaging with and reflecting on our distinctively Christian values and ethos of Trust, Love and Community. Coupled with the weekly ‘Thought for the Week’ (link) with staff which is also published via Twitter, I am constantly articulating our values through relevant and practical examples and encouraging staff and students to do the same. 

As a team, we support the development of the Christian values of trust, love and community (link to vision and values page), across the Academy but more specifically through providing time and space for students who are having a difficult time personally. This often takes the form of support when someone has experienced bereavement and loss, and particularly offers a place of peace and safety for honest reflection and sometimes prayer. I am also available to listen to staff and parents in a confidential capacity. 

Regular activities (link to activities page) exploring Christianity and the big questions of life are available to students on a weekly and termly basis, through a programme of activities and Prayer Spaces (link to Prayer Spaces). 

The Academy Chapel and Chaplaincy office on the Fourth Floor provide a focus for this work and a space for staff and students to pray, think, reflect and talk, as well as offering a space for a weekly service of Holy Communion. 

In collaboration with other colleagues and the local church, the Chaplaincy Team leads responses to events in our community life, such as major festivals and ‘Remembrance’. 

My daily prayer for the staff, students and wider community of Archie is that people will come to a lived out, and authentic experience of ‘life to the full’ – John 10:10 – as we seek to be concerned with the whole person, not simply academic achievement.