Community Challenge Project 2013

Community Challenge Project 2013
18th June 2013 admin

The Community Challenge Project 2013 took place between the 15th and 17th May. All KS3 students were encouraged to take part in a project, no matter how big or small, which they felt would benefit their local community in some way. The project aims to demonstrate to students that they can make a difference, whether it impacts on an individual, a group or the community as a whole.

Every individual has the power to make a difference; it starts with you!

The response from students was fantastic! Many, many students took part in both individual and group activities. A number of charities and community organisations contacted ASA to compliment us on our students and the way in which they conducted themselves during the project.

Students were asked to bring in some evidence of their projects; projects were then judged by Principal Mr Chubb. Mr Chubb wanted to reward a range of projects, of varying scale, from both individuals and groups, to reinforce the message that anyone can make a difference or positive change in their community.

Projects included:
Fundraising for charities
Collecting food donations
Helping lots of individuals with jobs and chores
Serving beverages and snacks for community and vulnerable groups
Litter picking
Making get well cards for those recovering in hospital
Volunteering in charity shops
Collecting people’s unwanted goods to take to charities
Visiting primary schools to talk to Year 6 students about starting secondary school
Delivering Football workshops to primary school children


Winning Overall First Prize: ASHELY PARFITT (Whitby)
2nd – Wiktoria Prokop (Byland), Nikola Kobus (Byland), Paulina Kobus (Whitby)
3rd – Demi Clough (Whitby)
4th – Kyle McFadyen (Meaux)

All those mentioned above win their own school trip to a theme park! Congratulations!


5th – Rhiann Desborough and Rebecca Brockwell (both Meaux)
6th -Scott Fennell and Lloyd Thistleton (both Rievaulx)
8th – Katherine Gilroy (Byland) and Trinity Staveley (Meaux)
9th – Liam Rutter (Meaux)

All those mentioned above here win their own school trip.


10th – Liam and Hannah Townend (both Kirkham)
11th – Sadie Day (Kirkham) and Kiya Crawford (Byland)
12th – Megan Day (Kirkham), Katie Latham (Kirkham), Olivia O’Loughlin (Byland), Caitlin West (Rievaulx)

All those mentioned above here win their own school trip.

SPECIAL MENTION TO: Kelsey Anderson (Meaux), Amy Stevens (Byland), Aleksandra Taranoskaja (Whitby), Shantel Blanchard (Whitby) and Natasha Robinson (Rievaulx). They will be rewarded by their House Teams.



  1. Alison 4 years ago

    Well done everyone! You’ve made me smile!

  2. Miss Harvey 4 years ago

    Wow! Well done every one who took part. You did yourselves and the Academy proud!

  3. Mrs. Kirby 4 years ago

    Congratulations to you all! Well done 🙂

  4. Connor mcmullan 4 years ago

    I took part in the community project i helped my grandad with the gardening . I hope the winners have a good time on the trip

  5. Cameron 4 years ago

    I helped my nana out on the Friday for the project because her child has a disability so she sometimes needs some help.

  6. Rhiann 4 years ago

    I really enjoyed taking part in this competition. I did well for the community and raise quite a bit of money. I think I should have won but that wasn’t up to me the important part was now i have done it I feel good as I have made a difference!

  7. SWARD 4 years ago

    Well done to everyone who took part!

  8. Mr McKenzie 4 years ago

    Well done to everyone, especially students from 7JMC!

  9. Mr Heath 4 years ago

    Awesome effort from all students! Well done to all Rievaulx students!

  10. Miss Goodwin 4 years ago

    Well done to everybody involved but especially to all those in Whitby house. A great achievement and it is lovely to see so many students helping their community.

  11. Miss Bell 4 years ago

    I am incredibly proud of all of our students for making such a massive contribution to the community project – especially the successful students from Whitby House. Well done!

    Remember that each and every project has helped our community and improved someone’s life for the better. More proof that our students are wonderful.

    Mrs Bell x

  12. Mrs Riley 4 years ago

    A massive WELL DONE to all who took part, especially those in Meaux House. We are all so very very proud of you.

    Mrs Riley x

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