20th November 2012 admin

A group of talented and brave year 7 & 8 pupils were chosen to represent the Academy in the Hull School’s Cross Country Championships. The course was designed by St Mary’s Sports College and included several steep hills and slippery slopes to test the grip of anyone’s trainers!

The students were to complete a set distance course depending on their age and sex. Year 7 girls were to run 1700m (2 full laps of our school field). The Year 7 boys were to run 2500m (nearly 3 laps of our field). The Year 8 girls had the hard job of racing against not only other year 8 entrants but also year 9 and had to run 3000m (4 laps of our school field). The Year 8 boys had it the hardest of all, running against year 8 and 9 students they had to cover 3500m (nearly 5 laps of our school field).

Students were started in a long line and had to resist temptation to sprint from the start to achieve a front postition prior to the first corner. After a few over anticipated false starts, many of our runners played this pacing tactic excellently, soon to overtake the fatigued sprinters and settle into a steady and determined rhythm.

There was much excitement when students came back into view and a few bright blue ‘Archie’ tops were spotted near the front of the pack. Everyone was involved in every race with some enthusiastic chanting of ‘Archie’s’ name being heard above all other supporters! Some superb talent from the year 7’s came to light with Oliver Croft acheiving 4th place and Leon Urry coming 12th, out of approx. 100 runners. Olivia O’Loughlin ran an excellent race to come 6th out of approx. 110 runners. Year 8 students overcame their trepidation of racing against year 9’s and smashed all expectations by Bradley Needham coming in 6th place, Leah McGregor coming 7th and Amy Watkin coming 10th. These students will now be invited to race in the Humberside round in the near future.

We are very excited about the Humberside race and also the opportunity for some of these students to shine at Costello’s Summer Athletics Competition. Bring on next year!


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