Design Features for FE/HE and Employers

Design Features for FE/HE and Employers

The Modbac transcript is designed to be a concise and informative snap-shot of an individual learner’s competencies, capabilities and strengths, as well as an overview of academic or vocational performance.

The Core Award grading system and statement, at a glance, gives a clear and unambiguous indication of exam performance.

The Honours section indicates the breadth of personal development opportunities accessed by the learner, which in turn inform the final element of the transcript:

A “Skills Passport” which can describe in detail the personal competencies and skills a learner has evidenced.

A unique design feature of the Modbac is use of the latest scanning technologies, a QR code unique to every certificate, hyperlinking to a web-based, secure transcript of an individual learner’s attainment and achievement, guaranteeing authenticity.