Design Features for Senior Leaders

Design Features for teachers and senior leaders

The award provides a flexible framework supporting the demonstration of a school or academy’s success in terms of current and future government agendas.

Currently, these include:

  • Floor targets linked to both overall student progress, and 5+ A* to C including English and Maths

  • Maximising Average Point Score from pupils’ “Best 8” subjects, both now and post-2014

  • Delivery of the English Baccalaureate

  • Provision of a curriculum that meets the needs of individual learners

The unique 3 part structure of the Modbac enables the wider achievements of students to be recognised and developed, blending knowledge, skills and a context to apply the knowledge and skills,  to help prepare them for continuing education, life, work and citizenship.

To that end, the Modbac is a flexible and inclusive certification framework, as much a kitemark of curriculum quality as a record of achievement with depth, breadth and rigour.

A key priority has been to make the award as affordable as it is effective for every institution. The ModBac provides a potential to further reduce costs by providing a focus for rationalising assessment for learning practice through technology and economies of scale in the provision of qualifications. Modbac hopes to deliver the entire programme for less than the cost of a GCSE entry per learner.