Design Features for Students

Design Features for students

The Modern Baccalaureate is designed to be:

  • Highly aspirational – as it is not a “single threshold” award, the achievements of the highest attaining are fully recognised.  In this way, Modbac can help raise aspiration and attainment in all subjects, including those specifically included in the Ebacc.
  • Highly inclusive – even the lowest attaining students can aim for the award at entry or foundation level
  • Highly personalised – catering for the interests and passions of all students, building character and resilience
  • Highly motivating – recognition and reward. Motivation is probably the most significant factor in the level of attainment outcome.
  • Driven by students, through their own online portfolio and interface
  • A much broader record of achievement than simply a qualification transcript, including a “skills passport”, encouraging students to develop and apply employability and life skills, and to become “work-ready” – equipped for life
  • Acceptable across Europe and the rest of the world, taking into account the fact that qualifications are becoming increasingly globalised as communication technologies and worker mobility advance.