Archbishop Sentamu Academy ensures support and guidance is in place to help students achieve their goals and full potential.

In order to support students fully the Academy has a range of support services available, which include;

  • Supported Private Study (SPS) after each academy day with the subject teachers and intervention.
  • Lunch time revision sessions to each to teach key revision techniques with the Year 11 progress team.
  • Half Term revision session with subject teachers.
  • SPS Timetable


Exam Preparation

The Academy ensures all students are aware of the resources available to support during exam preparation.  They are:


Key Stage 3 & Key Stage 4

  • PIXL Maths App
  • PIXL English Literacy App


Both these apps are fantastic, engaging and free, which have been proven to improve achievement by one grade if used 20 minutes 3 times a week. To download these applications, please search the app store. Please contact reception for the username and password to access these apps, alternatively please ask students to see their Maths or English Teacher.

In addition prior to each series of exams all subject teachers provide revision resources and guides available to support students in a particular area.  English and Science have some super guides that are purchased at a small cost.

For more information please contact the subject teacher or request resources at info@sentamuacademy.org.


Key Stage 4

  • SAM learning (www.samlearning.com)


This covers all subjects and has resources available for all exam boards.

The academy can provide the username and password to gain access, please contact, reception, subject teachers or the Year 11 progress team for log in details.


Exam Information Documents

Information for Candidates – Social Media

Information for Candidates – Written Exams

Information for Candidates – Privacy Notice

Information for Candidates – Onscreen Tests

Warning to Candidates

Mobile Phones



All students receive certificate directly from the academy when released from the Examination Board. Upon receipt of any certificates please ensure these are kept safe at all times as these are valuable.

In the event certificates are misplaced or damaged, a charge will be made to the individual by the awarding body for any replacements or statement of results.

Please contact our Exams Officer, Miss N. Garton at the academy for more details.


Helping your child through the exam period

As the exam season approaches parents often ask what they can do to support their child during this stressful time. We’ve put together some advice below to help you support their preparation for exams.

Encourage them to attend revision sessions

There are plenty of revision sessions that your son/daughter can attend at school. You can download the timetable below:

Revision Timetable


Supportive Environment

Providing your child with a calm environment and a quiet place to study will really help. It’s probably stating the obvious but make them aware that you are there for them in body and mind. Encourage them with praise and rewards. Providing incentives and rewards can help focus the mind!


Get involved

Don’t worry if you don’t know or understand what your child is revising! Just ask if you can help! This can be scary experience for parents but getting involved in your child’s revision can really help them make the grade. Encourage them to teach you about the topic they are revising (even if you know nothing about it!). We often learn best when we have to teach others. You can also help by asking them questions about the topics they are revising – get their notes and ask short, focussed questions. It is also possible to find past papers on the internet which you can download and print off to help them polish their exam technique. Mark schemes are also available – you could help with the marking! We’ve pulled together lots of revision techniques that you could encourage them to use here.


Timetable and Chunking

Encourage your child to break their revision into regular, short sessions of around 2o minutes. These should be separated by at least 5 minute breaks. The brain can only absorb so much information. To help organise time your child should set up a revision timetable. Either sign up for a free account on Exam Time to create a free online revision timetable or download a template below:

Revision Timetable Template – Word Format 

Revision Timetable Template – PDF



Make sure there is plenty of stationary in the house including post-it notes, blank post cards and highlighter pens. Post-it notes and blank post cards can be used to summarise notes. These can then be put on the walls of bedrooms, bathrooms and event the back of the toilet door. Your child will then revise without realising it!


Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Make sure there are plenty of healthy snacks in the fridge and try to provide good, nutritious food at regular intervals. Encourage your child to join family meals, even if it’s a busy revision day – it’s important to have a change of scene and get away from the books and computer for a while. Also encourage your child to take regular exercise. A brisk walk around the block can help clear the mind before the next revision session. Make sure they drink plenty of fluids (water). Dehydration will stop learning.

If you have any questions you can always contact your child’s teacher.