FSSG Thanksgiving Ceremony and Parade

FSSG Thanksgiving Ceremony and Parade
22nd January 2013 admin

It’s traditional in Freetown, Sierra Leone for schools to hold a thanksgiving ceremony followed by a celebration parade.

This week our link school, in Freetown, FSSG held their thanksgiving and parade. The day started early with a short procession from Victoria park to St George’s cathedral, where the thanksgiving service takes place. The service is then followed by a huge parade from the church all the way back to FSSG school.

The parade takes hours and all students and staff take part; this includes ex-students (the ladies in white) and staff. They march in groups, separated by brass bands, throughout the streets of Freetown to celebrate thanksgiving. Thousands of people line the streets, sit on roofs and stairs and squash of windows to watch, clap and sing along with the students. It’s an exhausting but really amazing day.

Evelyn (the lady in white pictured) is an ex-student and one of our link teachers from FSSG. She sent us these pictures pf their celebration this week.

FSSG is a long standing link for ASA (Archie). Many projects and communications have taken place between both schools and ASA helps to support their health centre. Archie also sent a shipment of all the unwanted items from the old building to FSSG, when we moved in 2011.


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