Generous harvest.

Generous harvest.
11th October 2015 Anne Richards

This week we are picking up on the theme of harvest in Collective Worship in the theatre. It may seem a strange tradition to maintain in an urban setting, where the distance from the field to the fork is so great.

However, students will be invited to reflect upon the good things we have, and to do something positive to help those who have less than they do by bringing a contribution for the Hull Food bank. Now we know that for some this won’t be possible and that’s not a problem. No one should feel bad about it. But it would be great if we could make a generous offering to Hull Food bank this year as there is a great need in this city for support to families who are struggling to make ends meet.

It’s easy for us to be judgemental about those who are struggling closer to home. But if you have ever met someone who is asking for help in this respect, you will know that the majority of people are genuinely struggling and find the very fact that they are asking for help embarrassing and degrading.

May this season of harvest be one of thankfulness, appreciation and most of all generosity as we show love for our neighbours.