Global Enterprise Day

Global Enterprise Day
20th November 2015 naileditadmin
YIMG_1513r 10 business students from Archie attended the Global enterprise day at the Guildhall.  The challenge was to design an interactive media wall for 20 classrooms for a new school building, within a budget of £60,000. Eighteen school teams competed against each other to win a share of the £1000 prize money.The best six teams would be selected to present their ideas on stage, to a panel of judges in a
dragons den style in front of the 200 strong audience.
Team Archie were very nervous but presented their ideas and budget in a clear and confident manner. After much deliberation by the team of judges; which included
former ‘Apprentice’ candidate Adam Cobbley and the managing director of Sangwin
IMG_1517Educational furniture, it was announced Archie were awarded second place and a prize of £200. Congratulations to the student who took part.