Harry Potter Trip Day 1 and 2

Harry Potter Trip Day 1 and 2
1st July 2013 campbell.j3

We’ve had a wonderful day today. Our 45 students have enjoyed seeing the London sights with our fabulous tour guide who we are lovingly calling ‘Granny’. Several of the girls were hoping to run into Prince Harry at Buckingham Palace but sadly he was not there.

As it was Canada day, we were able to take part in the red and white festivities Trafalgar Square. The flight simulator was exciting but the free mints were even more exciting.

The food at Planet Hollywood  was really welcome as tummies were starting to grumble. We then hiked through the ‘Bula Quo’ film premiere in Leicester Square and had a little boogie to the Hawaiian steel drum music. M and M world was our final destination. The 4 floors were colourful and the smell of chocolate was delicious.

The students are happy, safe and in good spirits after their busy day. They have promised to go to sleep straight away as they are really looking forward to the magical day tomorrow.~Mrs Campbell

We had a nice day today and we have seen Buckingham Palace. We had a little walk around Canada day. It was fun! ~Ruth Sunderland

I’m really tired now. Granny has had us running all over London! ~Imogen Paddison

We have had a long but lovely day. We’ve seen places off the TV- Buckingham Palace, Downing Street, BBC studios. We went to Planet Hollywood and had our food while surrounded by cool film memorabilia. then went to M and M World and saw the most colourful pick and mix Ever! Can’t wait to top it all off with Harry Potter tomorrow!!~ Mrs Aldridge

Colin the bus driver has been a legend and Granny is crackers. Mr Reffin had the best time in M and M world where he spent a month’s wages on M and M pick and mix. We enjoyed seeing some live music for Canada Day in Trafalgar Square. Miss Dennison loved Buckingham Palace but was disappointed not to have seen Prince Harry. Maybe next time…~Miss Dennison and Mr Reffin

I quite enjoyed today because M and M world was really colourful and fun. It was nice to see where the Queen lives.~Olivia Hemingway

It was great to see the capital of our country and it was a really great experience.~ Demi Lane

We have enjoyed the sight seeing, especially Buckingham Palace and all the statues like Nelson’s Column. We enjoyed M and M world because we are chocolate lovers! ~Jayden Balfour and Owen Major

I’ve had a really good time and hope I can come again next year! ~Miguel Beedle

Me too! ~Brandon Sampson


Cameron West: I enjoyed the great hall in Hogwarts the best because they had the statues and clothes of the real actors and I could see the actual sizes of the people.
Jordan Cox: I enjoyed seeing the model of Hogwarts because it was big and magical. It reminded me of when I was little and read the Harry Potter books.
Chloe Morris:
It was great fun especially when we got to walk around see lots of different parts of London. I learnt lots of things about the h p films which I didn’t know before.
Courtney Rithamer: Harry Potter exhibition was good because I got to see how the films were made. I liked the big long tables where the students ate their dinner in the great hall.
Paige Adamson: It has been a good experience and I didn’t realise there was such a lot of talent in London. I saw people dancing and playing music and I would offer this trip to anyone. I think it was a Life time experience.
Micheal Chambers: I liked displays they were really interesting for me this is because I have been a big fan of the movies since they first started.
Joseph Brown: I would say that it is good to see how the Harry Potter sets were all created. Over the ten years of films I can see how the technology has evolved.
Kiera Bennett: Second time and it was still amazing. There is always something new to see and do.
Jessica Swarbrooke: Even the third time around, it is still as exciting as the first!
Tom Rowland: I think the trip is very much worth the money and a really good experience.
Mrs Aldridge: If you’re a Harry potter fan, or even a film fan, the Harry potter tour is a must see. It shows you just how much work goes into making movies and how every little detail has been thought of and manipulated. Plus, you get to drink butter beer and fly a broomstick! What more could you ask for?!
Miss Dennison: Even though it was my second time on the tour it was still as amazing as the first! Mr Reffin even shed a wee tear 😉
It is fantastic to see how the words from the books have been transformed on to the screen. Great Day!
Mr Reffin: The model of the Hogwarts Castle at the end of the tour was by far my favourite part, posing for pictures on the knight bus came in a close 2nd though!
Mrs Campbell: Happy students, happy staff and all home safe after a brilliant couple of days! Thanks to all. Xx

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  1. SWARD 4 years ago

    It sounds like you’ve had an amazing couple of days both in London and the world of Harry Potter!

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