Inspiration, Aspiration and Dedication.

Inspiration, Aspiration and Dedication.
22nd February 2016 Anne Richards

“Feed Me!”, “Feed Me!”, “Feed Me Seymour!”. Constantly. Every day. My arms are almost dropping off. My ears buzz as I conduct the music. Taming the musicians into the engine room of our latest school show. But I’m amazed. Moved, inspired and in awe. Our ‘little shop of horrors’ are an inspiration just as the original Little Shop Of Horrors was in Broadway.

It’s so inspiring to see our students committing themselves to something so positive that they are passionate about. It’s a privilege to be involved in the academy production of ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ this week – and it’s just brilliant to see students across the year groups, and past students returning, working together as a team to produce something amazing.

In our young people we see see raw but fast developing talent, aspiration, confidence, passion, dedication and professionalism. The lead actors have memorised pages and pages of dialogue and lyrics, combined with american accents, humour, movement and dance. The most experienced students acting as role models for the younger ones to look up to, and taking responsibility and leadership in many cases. The chorus all pull together and create high energy for their numbers. Talented young musicians relentlessly aim for a high standard of performance – working from the orchestration first used on the broadway production. Each young person receiving advice with humility and respect from the staff, as to how to better their performance further.

This isn’t a sales pitch – much more a celebration of who our young people and what they are achieving!

So, what about the ‘Feed Me’, ‘Feed me Seymour?’ – if you want to know what that’s about, you’ll have to come and see! I hope you have bought your tickets!