International Secondary School of the Year 2013 – 2nd Place Winners!

International Secondary School of the Year 2013 – 2nd Place Winners!
6th November 2013 admin

Archie received confirmation this week that we have been awarded 2nd place runners’ up in the British Council Link2Learn Awards. The awards celebrate excellence and innovation in international school partnerships and activities and is entered by schools all over the country. This year we saw of heavy competition from some very well-known schools to take 2nd place.

We have had much success with the Link2Learn Awards in the past. Last year 2012, Archbishop Sentamu Academy received a ‘Highly Commended’ recommendation in the category of ‘International Secondary School of the Year’; 3 years ago in 2010 we actually won first place!

In 2013 we are once again recognised for the international programme of learning and events in place at ASA, including those in partnership with our link schools in China, Poland, Sierra Leone, Argentina and Papua New Guinea. Students learn about these schools, countries and cultures as part of the curriculum, with House links and through a number of visits in both directions too!

Though we are only half a term in to this academic year, we have already participated in a project between Byland house and our link school FSSG in Sierra Leone, hosted a visit from Susana Bruera (our link school teacher from Argentina), completed a Comenious European funded project with our link school in Poland, completed a film project to share with all our link schools on ‘Community’ and what it means to be part of one. We are also have Gong Yanqin, a teacher from our link school in Beijing, with us for the academic year. She is here to deliver Mandarin and Chinese culture lessons.

We have many more exciting projects to come this year including student exchange visits to both Poland and China, a house project comparing our cultures traditions and festivals, a new Polish language after school club and some Chinese culture and language sessions for students from our local primary schools.

For more information on the award please visit:

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Thanks once again to all staff and students involved in successfully developing our international ethos year on year!


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