Label of Love

Label of Love is a Christian youth and schools charity (registered charity number 1061328) working with young people in Hull and the surrounding area.  Our aim is to support young people through our schools work, running clubs and holding youth events. Our passion as a charity is to break down the misconceptions of Christianity and make bring to life key Christian teachings and history through the Creative Arts.

Our Resonate schools team deliver assemblies, religious education & PSHE lessons and various creative arts workshops in local secondary and primary schools.  Over the last 14 years we have developed good working relationships with both schools and the local education authority.  Lessons are tailored to fit the national curriculum and are planned in a way that brings a contemporary edge to teaching the subject, using a multi-media approach that is popular with teachers and pupils.

The lessons are both fun and thought provoking and teach about aspects of Christianity through a modern and relevant approach.  We also address topics such as moral choices, bullying, substance misuse and bring to life historical stories from history and the Bible.

We are currently looking to expand our work in schools with our new ‘Resonate Internship Scheme’, projects supporting Special Needs Schools and supporting local churches youth work with training and hands-on projects. This is an exciting season in the life of the charity and we hope to expand our work into many more schools, churches and youth organisations in this new academic year.