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What is the Modern Baccalaureate?

The Modern Baccalaureate – “Modbac” – is a new award for the 21st Century.

To take their place in society, our young people will need to be literate and numerate.

They will need to be highly self-motivated and flexible, willing to change careers possibly several times throughout their lives.

They will need to be excellent team-workers, enterprising, fluent in the creation and use of digital resources and be highly financially aware.

They will need the skills to study independently and organise themselves effectively, with the confidence and character to “step out of their comfort zone”. They also need to appreciate the importance of being part of a global community, and of serving others.

The “Modbac” framework is designed to enable all our young people to achieve these aims, and to become “Equipped for Life”.

To find out more about the Modern Baccalaureate download the latest version:

ModBac Brochure

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