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OFSTED 2014 Wordl

OFSTED 2014 – Download the full report below.

“Students typically describe the academy as ‘one big family’, and go out of their way to support  each other. Parents say how well the academy looks after their children, giving them every  opportunity to succeed. They are especially pleased with how adults respond to their concerns or views.”

“The academy’s mission statement ‘Aspire, Serve, Achieve’ is embodied in the excellent
relationships between adults and students, and between students and their peers. For these  reasons, bullying of any kind is rare. Students are confident that adults will always be at hand to  help, should they experience difficulties.”

“The behaviour of students is outstanding. They take great pride in their new building, wear the academy uniform with pride, and ensure that graffiti and litter are rare. During break and lunch times, and between lessons, they move sensibly down corridors, showing positive regard for one  another. They are extremely sociable at all times, opening doors for adults with a smile on their  face, and walking purposefully to ensure they arrive on time for learning.”

“Students’ attitudes to learning are increasingly positive. In most lessons, they show a real desire  to participate, and an enthusiasm to share ideas and views. The hard work of the academy’s  staff in promoting high expectations and self-worth is paying off. Many students show clear  ambition for their future lives. Sixth form students talk enthusiastically about going to university.  Younger students share a similar aspiration to become successful in their future employment,  and disabled students and those with special educational needs are equally determined to succeed.”

“Teaching is typically good, with examples of  outstanding practice. Teachers are committed  fully to creating a positive climate where  students can do their best. As a result, students achieve well.”

“Across the school, teachers are very conscientious and highly committed. They have good  subject knowledge, keep themselves updated about new developments and readily share their  expertise with each other. The vast majority have high expectations, plan interesting lessons and  create excellent relationships, so that most students really enjoy their learning.”

“Achievement across the school is improving  strongly, particularly in English where students now make outstanding progress.”

“The principal, governors, and key leaders and  managers are hugely ambitious on the part of  all young people. They constantly  communicate high expectations, and are  relentless in their drive for improvement. As a  consequence, teaching is improving strongly, standards are rising, and students are keen to learn, and eager for success.”

“Students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural  development is promoted extremely well. It is  promoted very effectively through the excellent  relationships in school, and a wide range of  exciting experiences.”

“Arrangements to keep students safe are outstanding. Parents and carers say how much this is a top priority of the school’s leaders. Behaviour is equally outstanding.”

Our most recent OFSTED report can be downloaded here: ASA OfSTED report Feb 2014

 OFSTED 2011

“Archbishop Sentamu Academy provides a good quality of education. Within its first two years, it has developed some outstanding features and established a strong ethos reflecting its Christian values. Outcomes are mainly good, and students’ confidence in their safety is exceptionally strong. Systems for care, support and guidance are highly effective and the academy works very well with its partners to promote the progress and welfare of its students. As a result, achievement and enjoyment have rapidly improved for every group of students. The academy promotes equal opportunity outstandingly well. Its motto, “Aspire, Serve, Achieve”, is increasingly meaningful to a great many students, who do their best to help their academy.”

“The quality of care, guidance and support is outstanding. The priority given to well-being can be felt like a heartbeat throughout the academy.”

Download a copy of the 2011 Ofsted report here.