Our Curriculum

Exciting developments in the curriculum will include new Business and Enterprise and Health Sciences options. Astronomy, Mandarin Chinese, Horticulture and Hair and Beauty are also options that we will be considered over the coming months, along with specialist trades-based courses to be delivered in partnership with our local college.

Specialist areas


Already a strong specialist area, the science curriculum will be expanded to include exciting new subjects such as astronomy, forensic science and psychology.

For post-16 study, health, science and business courses will be a key offering along with a number of exciting courses which cater for students who need dofferent kinds of qualifications for further study, the work-place or university.

Other courses related to the Academy’s specialisms, as well as a broad range of academic and vocational courses that will be linked to other providers, will be offered.

Health Science

ASA will work in partnership with Hull Primary Care Trust to offer teaching in Health Science.

Led by Maddy Ruff, Director and Board Lead for Children and Young People at Hull PCT, a variety of health care teaching and community health care initiatives have been introduced.

PCT staff support teachers to deliver health care courses leading to qualification at Levels 1 and 2, and at Diploma level. The Level 1 qualification was recently piloted at another local school and proved extremely popular, providing an additional qualification for many students.

At Archbishop Sentamu Academy, a room has be equipped to simulate a medical environment, with all the relevant clinical tools such as stethoscopes and blood pressure machines. A computerised mannequin, used for training doctors, is available to demonstrate many clinical procedures such as injections and CPR.

The PCT also works with the School Nurse to extend learning in personal and sexual health.

Business and Enterprise

In line with the Academy’s over-riding philosophy of preparing young people for a fulfilling career, another specialism is in Business and Enterprise. There will be many opportunities for students to develop their business and entrepreneurial skills as they progress through the school.

A number of small business ideas have been implemented by students with the Academy and we see a strong future for mixing business studies with practical opportunities within the framework of an enterprise community leading to an eventual Career Academy which will put our students in contact with local business chiefs who can provide real-world mentoring in business and commerce.