7th December 2015 Anne Richards

If you have peered in through the chapel door recently, you could be forgiven for thinking that it has become Santa’s grotto! As you know, we currently have the advent prayer spaces set up. We have created a space for students to reflect on advent themes and write thoughts and prayers about themselves, the world, and God.

It has been really fascinating to see how the majority of students have responded. Years 7-9 are visiting as part of their RE lesson. A very small number have disengaged – the majority are really entering into the activities provided and responding very sincerely. There’s a particular focus on the Refugee crisis and it’s been interesting to see how students are responding to that. It would seem that the work we have all been doing in educating students in this has had some impact.

But perhaps what is most striking is the way students tell us how much they appreciate the space to think, reflect and feel calm. And perhaps we could all do with a bit of that as we head into the frenzy of Christmas preparations.

So, here’s an invitation to everyone ‘religious’ or not, to take time to reflect, be still and find some peace at this time of year as we prepare to celebrate the coming of Jesus, the Prince of Peace. Please don’t be shy – pop up to the chapel. If we have group in – it’s fine to come in and see what they are doing. Or pop in after school up to 4pm. It’s there for you too.