Rievaulx House Charity – Clough Road RSPCA

The house charity for Rievaulx is the Clough Road RSPCA, part of the UK’s largest animal welfare charity. The RSPCA should be our Academy’s Charity because the RSPCA rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes thousands of animals each year in our local area. They offer advice for all animals. They campaign to change laws to protect them, which they enforce through prosecution. They’re work does rely on our support so we should all get involved or donate today. We can make a difference.

The RSPCA- Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty have been looking out for animals since 1824. The RSPCA see it as their mission to see any animal in a warm home or safe environment.  Each day, with the help of their team and generous supporters, they take steps to achieve their mission. From rescuing a stranded deer to changing the law and are proud to say they have achieved so much and come so far.

The RSPCA offers expert advice on how to keep pets, horses and ponies healthy and happy. Also they offer information on wild animals and the issues affecting them. The RSPCA offers the chance to learn how animals are farmed, their work to improve their lives, and how we as a academy could help. They work hard to reduce the use and suffering of animals in experiments. You know that new lip gloss you just bought. Was it tested on an innocent dog, a poor cat? Together we fight to stop animal cruelty.

The Clough Road RSPCA should be the Academy’s Charity because it specialises in the safety of pets and animals in our local area. They work to rehome, rescue and rehabilitate all animals because they believe that animals should live happily and peacefully. They are desperately low on funds and the moment and we can make a difference together.

The RSPCA respect animal and work hard to insure they live a happy life, they make a change.

So could you!

Just go on to the Academy website, and vote for the RSPCA today so we as Acadmy can make a difference, make a change and help all animals today.