Send My Friend To School Archie

Send My Friend To School Archie
10th October 2014 admin

Send My Friend to School Archie is our campaign to send children to school.  We are a group of year 10 students fighting for education equality, as our English project and part of the overall Send My Friend to School.  Our individual and overall campaign aims to give every child an education – children from every part of the world, children of both genders, children with and without disability and children from every race.  There should be no boundaries to education rights.

57 million children worldwide are not in education.

57 million

That’s like 40,000 versions of our school; except every child doesn’t go and cannot do the basics that we learn and use every day.  It is a fact beyond belief that so many children can’t read, write, or understand.  This is spread all over the world, with many reasons for unschooled kids – from money to disability to restrictions on teacher training.  Every reason should and can be resolved.  No child should not go to school, without school they will not have the chance to learn the basics they need to make new friends or to discover new skills.

If you would like to support our campaign and keep up to date with our work, have a look at our links: