Archbishop Sentamu Rugby League Academy

England Rugby League Accredited Player Development School.


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Our Mission Statement

To produce independent, intelligent learners who are well-rounded and respectable individuals, through the guidance can support of patient and committed educators, mentors and coaches.

Creating the correct environment is imperative to our beliefs in developing young athletes. This will be done by adopting a fair management system alongside the use of role models and a positive yet hard-working attitude on the playing field and in the classroom.

Athletic Development Programme

Physical literacy is a capacity integral to the development of any young individual. It influences the life experienced by a child through the development of exercise.

The achievement of exercise and physical literacy plays a significant part in the development of self-realisation, self-confidence and positive self-esteem.

The aim of the programme is to develop the components of efficient motor functional skills within young athletes:

Basic body movement
Hand/Eye Co-ordination
Foot/Eye Co-ordination
Space and Direction

Rugby League Development Core Skills Sessions

Rugby League core skills, linking the physical literacy programme into a sporting environment; grip/carry/catch/pass

Rugby League Tag Festival Programme Year 6

Structured leagues and competitions formats for males and females

Athletic Development Programme (Gifted & Talented)

The above programme is an athletic development programme that is focused around the progression of young peopleโ€™s talents, with the aim to further develop their skills set. The programme gives the young athletes the best chance to develop physically and mentally through a variety of different training methods and techniques.

Core Stability Programme
Aqua Aerobic
Fitness Testing
Nutritional Support

ASA Scholarship Programme – Y7, Y8, Y9

The programme aims to identifying youngsters in year 7,8,9 and engage them in a quality Rugby League Education Programme.

It is our sole aim to help our scholars realise their full potential within a structured player development pathway model that shall provide guidance and mentoring through regular individual appraisals on all matters regarding athletic development and education.

Year 7 – 15 Archbishop Sentamu Scholars
Year 8 – 14 Archbishop Sentamu Scholars
Year 9 – 13 Archbishop Sentamu Scholars