Ski Trip to Pila, Italy – February 2013

Ski Trip to Pila, Italy – February 2013
1st February 2013 admin

Last minute preparations are in place for our visit to Pila, leaving tomorrow (2/2/13). Departure time is 11 am. The snow forecast for the week looks excellent, with half a metre of snow forecast. It should be a FANTASTIC week.
Check back here for our blog and updates:

Saturday and Sunday (2nd and 3rd February)
We arrived at Dover in good time, which meant we could take the earlier ferry. Our original expected arrival time in resort was 2:30pm, however because of this we are due to arrive anytime now (10 -10:30am). At 8:40 we passed through the Mont Blanc tunnel; we dropped off the other school from Scunthorpe who shared the bus on the way here and we are almost there… LOTS of snow and -2! Welcome to PILA!

Monday 4th February
Sorry for the lack of blogging and updates. We have no Wifi at present. As soon as we have some internet access the blog (which is all written by the students) will be added, along with more photos.

Other than that – all safe and well, great day on the slopes!

Sunday 3rd Feb

After our 24 hour journey from England to Italy, we were sent to get ourselves fitted for skiing the next day. This took about half an hour because most of us were beginners. After the fitting, we proceeded to our hotel were we received our lunch; tomato and basil pasta (mmmm delish). After lunch we went to our rooms and changed so we could go around the area and pretty much buy food! This, we enjoyed a lot! Hannah ate many ice cream and Emily shared a pizza (with Emma and Eleanor) Then we all met up again and we came back to the hotel. We all decided to come back to our rooms as we were tired and to get ready for tea (hopefully pasta again!) Finally we decided to play ping-pong. It’s an early night for us as we are up when the sun wakes up. SKIING TOMORROW whoop whoop. thats all goodbye 🙂

ROOM 118 (not the advert) Emily and Hannah (A.K.A STUNNAH & FRANNY).

Monday 4th Feb

We woke up at 6 Am with an hour before breakfast so we can get ready for skiing (shower, tidy room ext). Then we went to breakfast, we had cereals, a croissant and freshly squeezed orange juice. Next we went to get our ski gear and went up to the slopes and met the rep of our group. We went down to the bottom of the slopes to learn how to put the skis on and how to walk up the hills, slow down, turn, learn how to control the ski’s and where we where going. After the skiing we went snow tubing, you sit in a rubber ring and slide down a slope. We then went to the supermarket to buy some refreshments (drinks and snacks) to then come back to the hotel to wash and eat dinner. So all in all it was a great day.
ROOM 102 Robert, Aaron and Jayden.

Early start this morning, woke up at 6:30am which is too early for me and Chloe. We went down stairs for breakfast at 7:00am (omg it lovely). After getting all our skiing equipment ready we had to go on the cable carts to get up the mountain (not realising how high up you actually are) then before we knew it, we had to putting on our ski’s. We were sliding everywhere. It was great fun but so difficult; in all honesty I thought it would be a doddle but it really wasn’t. We slowly but surly got to grips with a snow plows (stops you and slows you down). After skiing we headed to a little supermarket. It was helpful but difficult as majority things were in Italian. Tubing was great fun also; once you get some speed going down the hill its such a laugh and I can nicely say now, I’ve never been so happy to go to bed. Long day.

ROOM 105 Elle and Chloe.

Internet down again… Blog will be updated soon as possible!
However everyone is fine and having a good time, -10 today and A LOT of snow! There’s lots of tired skiers today though! Early nights are fast becoming fashionable!

Tuesday 5th Feb

After another horrific early start, we had breakfast at 7am again. After breakfast, we headed straight to the ski slopes and after lots of falls and clashes on our first day, some of us were abit more confident with our skis on our second day (although there were still plenty of falls). Today at skiing, we learnt traversing which is how to slow us down (although it did the complete opposite for some). Today, we also learnt how to get on and off the ski chair lifts with our skis on. Massively looking forward to some pizza at pizza night tonight to avoid being fed any more pasta!

ROOM 106 Eleanor and Emma.

Early start yet again this morning, 6am start for us as it takes so long to get motivated. after struggling to get up we went down for some breakfast which was either cereal or a croissant which was yum! we then went to the coach to travel down to the ski hire, collected our skis and proceeded to our journey up the Gondola which was a 20minute journey. Once up there we greeted our instructor, Timothy and headed towards the tops of the mountains. (scared wasn’t the word). With no ski sticks we went along the number 5 and 15 run, with faceplants from Courtney and Danielle and plently of falls and bangs from Natalie. Gaining confidence as we go along, the slopes began to ease on us and nerves began to go (a tad). A well deserved PIZZA tonight, no pasta involved!

ROOM 104 Danni, Courtney and Natalie. 🙂

Wednesday 6th Feb

Thank God we had a extra 10 minutes in bed today because there was such a hard day in front of us. Today we started the skiing day off by having a 5 minute ride up the amazing mountains on the ‘Pila ski in the sky’ Gondola’s. Soon as we got to the top we knew today was going to be good and the conditions was excellent because yesterday night it was snowing very fast on the mountains. Its was such a hard day though for us all because we was going out of our comfort zones and starting a new challenge by going up higher mountains but we all succeed will help from each others we went right up too the top of the mountain on a cable car and we skied all they way back to the very begining were we all meet to go home.
It was such a good day but to top it off was lunch we had:
Paige: Ham & cheese sandwich

ROOM 120
NAMES: Paige, Amy, Clem, China!!!





Firstly, it’s a shame we couldn’t blog and post all week due to the intermittent reception! However, what a fantastic week! Staff and students all really enjoyed the whole experience. It was great to see all the students progressing into really competent skiers and growing in confidence. The trip really contributes towards students building resilience and determination, and the Skiing Group 2013 did not let us down! Thanks to all the students.

Mr McKenzie, Mr Stead, Miss Whiting,

Here’s to planning the next trip for 2015!


  1. SWARD 4 years ago

    It looks amazing! Enjoy everyone! x

  2. David Craven 4 years ago

    I wish I was there with you all. Hope you all have a great time.
    Don’t forget to drinks lots and lots of water.

  3. Mrs Roberts 4 years ago

    Can’t really go to Italy and not eat Pizza! Sounds like great fun!

  4. allyson adamson 4 years ago

    Hi, Paige hope your having a good time. Enjoy yourself darling love u lots mam grandma and grandad xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • allyson adamson 4 years ago

      Hi paige well done on moving groups, i know your a fast learner enjoy sweetheart love and miss you mam xxxxxxxxxx

  5. Sophie 4 years ago

    Hi Paige!:) hope you all have amazing time;)

  6. Kevin Knowles 4 years ago

    Looks awesome. Hope you all have a great time and don’t bump into any trees.

  7. Mrs Campbell 4 years ago

    Beautiful blue sky and it looks like you have the place to yourselves you lucky things. Have a fabulous time and keep safe. I am “Well jel ! “

  8. T Nicholl 4 years ago

    I give a prize to whoever manages to get a picture of Mr Stead or Mr Mckenzie falling over! (this can be set up!). Have a great time!! Miss Nicholl

  9. LMacArthur 4 years ago

    I hope you’re all having fun. It looks like an amazing place to be. Enjoy xx

  10. LMacArthur 4 years ago

    I hope you’re all having fun. It looks like an amazing place to be.x

  11. FILLY 4 years ago

    Have a great time, looks awesome! Make sure you take loads of pics to show us when you get back.X

  12. Marlene Adamson 4 years ago

    Hi paige hope you are having a fab time grandma and grandad x

  13. Alex nolan 4 years ago

    Hiya paige!!! Really hope you’re having a good time in italy so jealous, but I miss you so much.. Don’t hurt yourself;) love you x

  14. Leah 4 years ago

    Hi Paige, I hope your having fun:) I miss you loads:(

  15. sophie brocklebank 4 years ago

    Hi paigeee! Hope you’re having a good time in Italy! I miss you loads,can’t wait until you get back! Dont hurt yourself aha love you xxxxx

  16. allyson adamson 4 years ago

    Hi Paige not as many posts on here as Poland. hope ya having a great time love u all the world go careful sweetie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  17. Natalie M. Ciftciogullari 4 years ago

    Hey paigey, hope your okay bby. have a great time, missing you so much, cant wait to see you soon. enjoy skiing aha;)<3<3

  18. allyson adamson 4 years ago

    Hi Paige hope ya all having fun. Can`t wait to hear the gossip from skiing. Enjoy your last few days darling love u mam xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  19. allyson adamson 4 years ago

    such a brave soldier love u loads baby hope ya foot ok babes nearly home darling so sorry ya had to have it strapped up love u mam xxxxxxxxxx

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