Supporting the Modern Baccalaureate

Supporting the Modern Baccalaureate

The Modern Baccalaureate has been developed by a group of schools and academies over the past 12 months to provide all pupils with a framework that will be highly challenging, motivating, and relevant to their individual interests and aspirations.

To support the national roll-out of the pilot, 3 strategic partners have now joined the movement:


TLM, a leading edge innovation company and Ofqual-accredited awarding body, is providing on-line student portfolios, a teacher markbook, and a highly secure but flexible certification process. TLM’s national vocational ITQ qualifications can be adapted to the needs of individual learners and used to support core subjects. The company has strong international links and will help extend the reach of the ModBac concept into Europe through the European Commissions Lifelong Learning programme.


Modbac is very keen to promote locally-developed solutions for delivering aspects of the Honours Award and Skills Passport. To achieve this, a team of Modbac Co-ordinators, working through ASDAN Education’s existing networks, will agree individual solutions with centres, and will provide ongoing support and guidance as needed.


Imaginative Minds, a publishing house for educational journals and materials with an international reach, will be ensuring that local solutions developed by schools and academies are disseminated across Modbac centres and beyond. The Orb (ASDAN’s Online Resource Base) will help to build schools’ and academies’ capacity for delivering a truly innovative and challenging curriculum, and share best practice.