The House System

All students on arrival at Archie will be allocated to a House. There are six houses in the Academy. These are:

  • Rievaulx
  • Whitby
  • Kirkham
  • Byland
  • Meaux
  • York

All the Houses have a team of staff including a Head of House and a Student Liaison Officer (SLO). These people will play a huge role in supporting each child during the course of their time at the Academy.

The Houses are very competitive and there are challenges and competitions weekly to earn points. Some of these are for routine aspects of Academy life (for example, best attendance, least number of lates, least number of behaviour points) and others are one-off competitions linked to particular foci or themes within the Academy. All students can participate in these challenges to help their House earn points.

Weekly awards are given to the ‘top’ Houses for routine aspects (as mentioned above). There are also termly prizes for the House with the most points. Recent examples of these prizes have included cinema visits for the winning house and opportunities to go to Big Fun.

Rievaulx House – 2017 House Competition WINNERS