Tutor Led Collective Worship

Collective Worship for the Week beg 14th March 2016

Tutor led Collective Worship resources can be found at:

This week’s tutor time material is on the theme of ‘After’ exploring the area of the afterlife. This may open up some sadness with some students, though the material is not designed to do that at all. If so and you want any support from me, please get in touch.

The chapel is currently set up with some Lent Prayer Stations which further explore the theme of suffering and loss, which students are welcome to access.

Reboo the username and password is TLCW

Don’t forget that there is now a weekly podcast available to support you with Tutor-Led Collective Worship which you can listen to at this website:

Preboo Podcast

password tutorkey then select Preboo Podcast.

Collective Worship in the Theatre will be led by Jane Jennings, celebrating ‘Science Week’

Collective Worship in the Activity Studio will be led by Chay Bell on the theme of ‘Inspirational Women’.