UNIFORM 2019/20

Please click the links below for information regarding next year’s Uniform and PE kit

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Click for: P.E Kit Letter

Next half term students will be allowed to wear the academy blue short sleeved shirt with logo, which will also be available to purchase from the student service team for £7.50. 


  • Academy blazer with logo**
  • Academy tie with logo clearly visible**
  • Academy Black trousers with ASA Logo** (skinny fit trousers are not permitted)
  • If worn, belts must be plain, black, and they may not exceed 1” [2.5cm] in width
  • White shirt (must have a collar button)
  • Black socks (No ankle socks) for both boys and girls, girls may wear black or skin/beige coloured thin tights (brightly coloured or white socks will not be allowed under any circumstances)
  • Royal blue Academy V-neck pullovers and royal blue cardigans are optional – they may not be worn in place of the blazer**
  • Plain black shoes with no logos or other visible colours
  • (Rockport or Timberland boots are not allowed; trainers or trainer-styleshoes are not allowed; sand shoes are not allowed).

All items indicated with ** must be purchased from Steady School Wear

*Winter Term*

Academy jumpers will be available from Steady School Wear www.steadyschoolwear.co.uk from Saturday 10th November.  Priced at £18 for 30” – 38” and £22 for 40” – 46” in royal blue.

There is a black option available for pre-sixth students.


For PE lessons, all students are expected to wear:

  • Blue/white reversible rugby shirt OR
  • Royal blue short sleeved polo shirt depending on the season
  • Black shorts or tracksuit bottoms
  • Royal blue sports socks
  • Appropriate trainers or football/rugby boots depending on events taking place

All PE items, excluding footwear, must be purchased from CS Enterprises; www.csenterprises.co.uk


All academy students are expected to bring the following to school every day;

  • Academy planner, pen, pencil, ruler, eraser, pencil sharpener, some coloured pencils.
  • Students are required to carry their equipment in a plain school bag

Students may purchase items of equipment from the Student Services Office if required

The following are not allowed at the academy under any circumstances:

  • Jewellery, other than a single, small gold stud in each ear lobe (unless required by a specific religious faith)
  • Body modification piercings
  • Coloured nail varnish
  • Eyeliner, mascara, lipstick or any other form of make-up. Light foundation to cover up skin blemishes will be allowed.
  • False eyelashes
  • Mini skirts
  • Thick woollen tights/leggings
  • Over-the-knee black socks/leggings
  • Fashion belts
  • Patterned or coloured t-shirts that are visible underneath a white shirt
  • Dyed hair of an unnatural colour i.e. pink, purple, green
  • Mohican or other extreme fashion hair cuts such as ‘tramlines’ or symbols cut into hair
  • Chewing gum
  • Facial piercing is strictly prohibited under any circumstances

*** The use of any electronic equipment in any lessons is prohibited unless specifically allowed by a member of staff. Items issued by the Academy can be used. Students ARE NOT allowed to use mobile phones, MP3 players or other electronic devices in the Academy. If any student is found using a mobile phone it will be confiscated by a member of staff until the end of the day. Parents may be required to pick up the phone from the Student Services Office.

The Academy will not be responsible for the loss or damage of these items under any circumstances.