22nd January 2013 admin

Exactly one week ago, the whole of Year 7 were invited to take part in a sponsored ice skate at the Hull Arena. The sponsored event was to raise money for our link school Freetown Secondary School for Girls (FSSG) which is in Freetown in Sierra Leone. The link has developed massively over the last 5 years, with a number of projects taking place between classrooms.

The school has 3000 students and their health centre offers basic medical supplies and care to students and their families. Due to the complicated infrastructure of the country, its lack of industry and the immense damage done to the country and its people during the civil war, the basic medical supplies we have here in the U.K are not available, or expensive and of poor quality. ASA (Archie) has supported the health centre by sending shipments of basic supplies such as paracetamol, sterile equipment, ibuprofen, antihistamines, plasters. These supplies have been provided over the last 3 years through a staff ‘drop box’ and student sponsored events. The money raised from this event will go towards further supplies for this cause and also towards a fund to send a container of items such as old tables and chairs, desperately needed by the school whom often have classes as large at 80 students.

The sponsored skate was a great event for all involved, the students had a great time and a great amount of money has already being raised. With approximately 1/4 of the year group continuing to collect in their money, this looks to be our most successful fundraising event yet! If you’re year 7 and yet to bring in your contributions, please try and do so as soon as possible!


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